Here’s some of the stuff I ought to be sewing up


Top drawer


1m black wool ottoman, 4m tweed, 3m silk plaid, 8m green and blue silk plaid, 1.5m silver grey ottoman, 1.5 m grey/charcoal plaid,

STSH22m embroidered rayon, 1m deep grey stretch velour, 4.5 m peacock blue satin, 1m orange crumpled velour, 1.5 m mauve blouse weight rayon/cotton

2nd drawerSTSH3

3m olive green wool, 5m petrol blue summer suiting, 1.5m pale green wool suiting, 1m grey plaid, 4m navy twill suiting, 4m french navy suiting,

STSH4 3mfrench wool suiting in blue with rust flecks, 1.5m black tropical wool, 2m navy wool twill, 4m navy crepe, 3.5 m white wool suiting, 1.5 m pinstripe wool, 1.5 m crepe in greys

bottom drawerSTSH5

3m white semi sheer slubbed linen look, 3.5 oyster poly blouse fabric, 4m deep purple Hobbs satin lining, 3m grey and black printed chiffon with silver sequins, 1m crumpled black taffeta, 1m crushed red velour, 0.5m blue velour, 1m crepey finsih mauve satin, 1m cherry satin, 1.5 m duck egg blue poly blouse fabric;STSH6 2m olive and black printed crepe, 5m black and white check light summer weight fabric, 3m stretch natural white cotton, 1.5m black on red printed cotton, 1.5m floral print on navy rayon, 1.5 m scarlet crumpled crepe;STSH7

Chinese satin – 1.5M light forest green, 1m light veridian, 1m burnt orange, heavier satin 3.5m pink/red, 3.5m light purple, 3.5m brown, 5.5m purple;STSH8

2m duck egg blue cotton, 0.5m pink slub silk, 0.75 m mauve slub silk, 0.5m purple chiffon, 0.5m steel grey satin, 2m irridescent blue/green chiffon, 0.5 m old rose pink chiffon, 1m brown chiffon, 1m pale mauve satin, about 5m of pleated green border stuff;STSH9

1.5 m crinkly taffeta in petrol blue, 1.5 crumpled blue/red check taffeta, 2m black and green printed floral chiffon, 1m silver grey chiffon, 1.5M light bordeau blouse weight, 1m purple satin, 2m swirly print chiffon black, brown, cream

4msilver grey stretch figured satin, 8m stretch crinkled crepey poly lining, 1+mnet white trouser lining, 4m fawn newman lining, 3m light tan newman lining.

Shelves by pattern blocks


Basket of linings 2m grey newman, 1m black trouser net, 1m navy, 1.5m blue/grey newman, small lengths greens, blues blacks, cream white, 3m newman olive green,2m mink newman

2nd from topDSC_0940

2m grey twill, 3m purple cotton velour, 10m natural slub cotton/linen, 2m steel grey satin stretch lining, 2m black satin lining

3rd from top shelfSTSH11

2m olive green cotton, 3m grey/white stripe, 3m woven black/grey cotton, 3m black cotton, 3m black grey fine stripe cotton, 2m white cotton;STSH12 1m check linen, 1.5 m calico, 2.5m stripe cotton, 2m deep olive rayon, 1.5 black figured; STSH131.5 m grey slub suiting, 2m black lace, 1.5 black rayon crepe, 1.5 satin back crepe.

middle shelf basket

fabrics matched to patternsSTSH15

STSH140.75 black stretch velour, 2m deep veridian stretch velour, 1m maroon stretch velour, 1m scarlet cotton, 1m wine stretch crumpled velour, 0.5m red crumpled stretch velour, scraps cerise linens, silk batik piece, 1.5 m cerise linen/rayon

topshelf cardboard box


2m blue/grey rayon, 2m black/blue/cream print rayon, 1m cerise satin, 1m royal blue poly crepe, 3m orange voile, 1m shocking pink crepe;

DSC_09471.5 m stretch eau de nil sateen, 1.5 m animal print stretch sateen in white, black, purple, 1m poster red poly suiting, 1m wine red poly jersey



2m divine green velvet, 3m blue print rayon, 1.5 same in brown, 4m silver grey rayon embroidered with dragonflies, 2m olive swirl on black print rayon/cotton;DSC_0949 3m cream roses on navy print cotton/rayon, 4.5m aqua Africa print cotton, 4.5 m Red Africa print cotton, 3m red flowers on black cotton, 1;5m flower print; DSC_09511.5m pale turquoise rayon/cotton plain weave, 2m pale turquoise poly crepe, 1.5m white figured voile, 1.5 m blue abstract pattern crepe poly, 3m figured brocade type;

DSC_0952 2mcream on black blob print, 1.5m cream with gold stripe crepe, 2m crinkly cream voile, 2m airforce blue crepe, 2m maroon rayon with embroidered stripe; DSC_09532m figured white voile, black and white lace, 1.5m brown patterned chiffon 1.5m Abstract Chiffon, 2m fawn shirting with a diagonal pattern.

DSC_0954  smallish pieces of printed cotton, silk tie dye length,

DSC_0955scrappy odds and ends – cotton print on black, rose print on fawn, mermaids print on black, cream and black circle print, furry trim, black grosgrain, blue and black print, stars and lurex on voile. DSC_0956other scraps.

Blue drawers


3.5 m of red silk duppion, 4m green silk satin, 1.5m navy silk velvet, scrap maroon rayon duchesse satin, 2m cherry poly satin, 1.5m wine silk satin, scraps pale green silk satin,1m deep cherry poly satin


2.5 m John Faldo devore silk satin, pieces of paisley rayon in blues, 2m olive satin, 2m black silk velvet, 1.5m dark blue silk velvet


1m turquoise sateen, 2m subtle blue satin, 0.5 m teal blue satin, scraps scarlet silk satin, 1.5 m apricot silk satin, 2m pale rose brocade satin, 2m deep pink silk figured satin, 0.75 m black cotton velvet

Jersey box


1.5 m decorative black and silver bubbly net/lace, 1.2 m ecru cotton jersey, 1.2m maroon cotton elastane jersey with fine red stripe, 0.75m blues and greens blobby print cotton elastane jersey, 3m very stretchy blue-gray-silver knit chunky lace, IMG_11010.5m abstract black stretch lace, 0.75 m pinky red crushed stretch velour, 1.2 m pale cream cotton jersey with blue border print, 1.2 brown cotton elastane jersey, 1.2m navy cotton elastane, 0.75 m striped cottonIMG_1102

scrappy bits large piece striped cotton jersey, large scrap navy diagonal stripe cotton elastane, large scrap olive lycra, large scrap red poly fine and very stretchy jersey, piece of dyed blue lycra, scraps stretch cream brocade, black crushed velour, scraps jungle jersey, scraps floral jersey, scrap black slinky super stretch jersey.IMG_1103

1.5m petrol wool jersey, 2.5m black cotton elastane jersey


One Response to Stash

  1. Wow! And I thought my stash outrageous! Gorgeous fabrics, and I love this idea to get organised. Tink I’d better get organised…


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