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Revised Plans

My thought, last October, was to reboot this blog in the first week of March. Plans were roughed out, but hey, that mice and men thing. ¬†Family illness took me away for five weeks. I travelled back on 1st March, … Continue reading

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Last Gasp

I’m not completely throwing in the sewing towel. I’ll probably still churn out a few garments. I am putting blogging out to grass for the immediate future, recognising that I don’t have the time left from commitments to do things … Continue reading

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Fabric Wiles

OK. So we all know that fabric can cast a spell on you. One moment you’re idly browsing, with no intention of adding anything to that guilt producing pile of stashed cloth. Just looking. Then fabric starts whispering your name. … Continue reading

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Last post I asked for opinions on finding the right zip fastener dilemma. Overwhelmingly the response was to go with the closer colour match and lighter weight. Many thanks to contributors for their thoughts. Morgan summed up the problem neatly … Continue reading

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Catherine posted about the difficulty of matching a grey wool for her Oxford Bags. ¬†Descending on Myrtille looking for a deep purple open ended zip with metallic teeth and if possible something not boring for a zip pull was an … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs of Making Things

Square armhole shirt finished – well, probably. I went off the neckline, then decided I liked it, but would move the sides in a tad on the next one. I found the neckline also worked open, but really need a … Continue reading

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Squared Armhole Shirt

If you’re wondering what’s happening to this project it’s been on hold whilst I was absent on another chapter in the train-wreck-of-RL mission. Here’s how it developed before I left. The neckline I chose was raised and set away. You … Continue reading

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