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Cocoon Coat

My 300 metres of fabric includes some lengths purchased by daughters, and then abandoned. The heavy natural cotton with a detail of woven slubs and tufts I pulled out for August Burda 117 is one of those. I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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Once More into the Stash Dear Friends

I’ve arrived at a halfway house to full on Stash-Org Nerdery. There are now lists. The lists have symbols next to the items to designate colour group and potential usefulness for quick quick or slow projects. It took time, but … Continue reading

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Thanks for Not Guffawing

Gentle Readers, when I flagged up my intention to sew through the not terribly special fabrics in my stash by the end of summer, you made generously supportive comments. Not a single scoff, knowing smirk or ROFL appeared in the … Continue reading

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