Dead Easy Skirt

Continuing the assault on Stash Mountain, I ventured from base camp with a figured poly voile and Butterick 4136.

Butterick 4136

The pattern claims six possibilities, but really there are two, one with the flare starting higher up than the other. I used the version you see on the model, closer fit over the hips, flare kicks out from mid thigh.

The pattern has a facing piece for the waist, I added a waistband. The main change I made was to venture into hi-lo land with the hem. To do this I pinned the stitched up voile on the stand, and pinned a line where I liked the hemline. Then I took it off the stand and folded the garment to be able to mark and cut through both left and right together, tidied up the line and hacked the pieces off. I saved these to mark the identical line on the pattern and cut a satin lining to the same shape.

The seams in the voile are zigzagged 7mm from the stitching line and trimmed, the hem is stitched with a double needle and trimmed. The side closes with an invisible zip. Photos on stand as it’s in daughter’s size, not mine.

Front of Voile Skirt

The dots in this voile are a satin weave edged with a plain weave and trimmed round so that there’s a little frayed edge to them. I don’t know how this textile manufacture wizardry is done, but the effect is very pretty.

Hem Level Change

The result of making the hem higher in the front is to have a flatter look there and more swish in the back.

Lower Back Hem

I’m rather pleased to have found a good use for this fabric!

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4 Responses to Dead Easy Skirt

  1. Amazing fabric. I like the almost rainbow effect on the satin dots in your photos.


  2. seweverythingblog says:

    Lovely skirt! Perfect melding of design and fabric. I’ve been digging into stash too, but sometimes only a new fabric purchase will work. 😦


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