Stash has become pathological and so, for better or for worse, I’ve set myself the task of sewing up all of the unspecial fabrics in stash before the end of August. To this end, patterns at the reliable unexciting end of possibilities will be put in service. Quickish makes, standard wear.

I used a long held length of fabric to make a wrap dress for one daughter. The fabric is light grey, the weight similar to lawn, embroidered with dragonflies in white thread. I remembered it as cotton, but an accident with the iron put paid to that. By the rapidity of melt, I’d give it acrylic or viscose.

For the pattern, I intended to use one in a magazine ‘Fashion Style’ purchased in the papeterie whilst waiting for dh in physio. Once traced I found the bodice fit bore little resemblance to the block I’d drafted last time I was in London, so it was better to start from scratch. My draft has no waist seam, back waist darts, side bust dart, and inseam pockets and a wide sash, but otherwise closely resembles the magazine one.  Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, these are in the post so I can’t reshoot.

As the fabric was so light, I wanted to avoid any change in weight in the flared pieces and collar, so cut these singly and edged them with one of the stitches on my new machine (more about that in another post). As so often happens when you hang on to fabric for years, this wasn’t how I remembered, and may turn out to be too flimsy to be useful. I’ll think of it as a pattern test!

The second wrap dress/tunic used a length of satin backed crepe which was an online disappointment. That too was flimsier than I’d imagined placing the order and not suitable for its intended purpose. I made it reversible, cutting two fronts and backs, sewing one satin side out, one crepe side out, sandwiching bell shaped lace sleeves between the layers, keeping a small opening in each side seam at the waist and attaching long narrow ties at each front waist. The pattern is similar, but the fronts are shaped with a deeper curve so that they preserve decency when wrapped. Apologies for the fuzzy photos, garments were in the post before I uploaded them, so I can’t reshoot.


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4 Responses to Wrapped

  1. What a relief to me that there are others with a pathological stash. Your post came as I was running out of steam nearing the end of my own sort and purge. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. Sewing up a lot of stash before the end of August sounds like quite a challenge! Nice to hear what you’ve been up to.

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  3. seweverythingblog says:

    From one pathological-stash owner to another: wish you total success for the August deadline. I’m there for you.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Having your magic wand handy may make the de-stashing easier. Great idea to double up the fronts for more stability.Why do we all have fabrics that we can’t get rid of or cut into even when they are not suitable for anything that we want to wear?


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