Revised Plans

My thought, last October, was to reboot this blog in the first week of March. Plans were roughed out, but hey, that mice and men thing.  Family illness took me away for five weeks. I travelled back on 1st March, but, literally before getting the unpacking done I missed my footing on the cellar steps, fell, and broke my hip. So frustrating!

Right now I literally can’t get into the sewing room clattering the paraphernalia of a walking frame with me, but have hopes that in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to organise some kind of embroidery or crochet to mix up with the reading I’m doing to pass the time.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly looking in on my favourite blogs and checking out what you’ve all been up to.


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12 Responses to Revised Plans

  1. Janet Geoghagen says:

    Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.


  2. felicia says:

    Geez, you broke a hip!!!? I trust you’re recovering well though? No complications? How long will you need a walker for? That must be terribly frustrating. I hope you find enjoyable ways to pass the time until you’re mobile again, and that that is sooner rather than later.


  3. jay says:

    So far so good Felicia. Given the state of things when I was put in the ambulance, I’m pretty amazed to find myself shuffling round a couple of weeks later. It certainly brings home to me the skill and dedication of the health service personnel. Also, sharing my room in the hospital was a lady of 92 who had the same op as me, fantastic!

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  4. I am so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with such a serious injury on the heels of everything else, but glad that your healing is progressing. Best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery! ❤


  5. Anne W says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope you have a speedy recovery!


  6. seweverythingblog says:

    Ooooh! That must hurt – wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see what you knit or crochet 🙂 .


  7. Kim says:

    Ouch. I hope your recovery will be swift. I’m glad that your treatment was dealt with so well – and I hope the elderly lady who had the same op was one of the fun/interesting variety.


  8. Goodness me! I hope that your hip heals quickly. Maybe you can crochet a bag to hang from your walker!


    • jay says:

      Hee hee. My first bag is going to be a laundry bag to replace the baskets I was carrying when I fell. They obscured my view and made me think I was at the bottom step before I was. Waiting for the ambulance, I thought, shoulder bag!

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  9. kelleysdiy says:

    Oh no! I hope your feeling better soon! God Bless!🤕☺️

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  10. Oh no! Of all the luck! Have a good rest and get well soon!


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