Last Gasp

I’m not completely throwing in the sewing towel. I’ll probably still churn out a few garments. I am putting blogging out to grass for the immediate future, recognising that I don’t have the time left from commitments to do things well. Many thanks to my readers for passing by, commenting and encouraging. Happy stitching!


About jay

I design and draft patterns
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21 Responses to Last Gasp

  1. mrsmole says:

    I will miss your great photos and pattern altering techniques but life does make demands on all of us at different times and different degrees. Thanks for sharing all you have done!


  2. Wendy Baschkopf says:

    I’ve loved your blog and will miss your unique voice. Your projects are always interesting as is the way you share them. Blogging well is demanding and I hope the rest of your life demands are for your happiness. I wish you the best.


  3. sewruth says:

    Many thanks for all you have completed and contributed. Five years is a long time of taking photos and documenting the processes of sewing. I wish you well and ……you never know, you might be back.


    • jay says:

      Ruth, I hope to restart one day, and will be looking in on the great works of A/W 17, and willing you on with the new look. Meanwhile, I’m giving myself a reality check about what I can get around to in an average week..


  4. Kim says:

    Thank you, and I will welcome you back enthusiastically should you return.


  5. felicia says:

    Thank you for the support you’ve given me over the past few years in my fairly basic sewing adventures. I’ve enjoyed your presence. I wish you all the best in all those other things that take up your attention. May they give you joy.


  6. Karen Kayes says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your sewing and picked up lots of pointers about how to approach making clothing. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s reslly appreciated. Wishing you all the very best.


  7. Oh Jay, I will miss you! I’ve learnt a great deal from you over the years. Thanks so much for blogging and all the best for the future!


  8. Morgan says:

    I’have always enjoyed your posts and appreciated your insights.n Thank you for sharing.
    Hope RL includes pleasures and enjoyments as well as challenges.


  9. Aunt Mayme says:

    I will miss your posts. You’ve been an incredible help to me, and it’s going to be hard without you! But here’s to a new future ahead.


  10. Fabrickated says:

    Farewell lovely Jay. You have a unique voice. But there is a time for everything including stepping down.


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