Last post I asked for opinions on finding the right zip fastener dilemma. Overwhelmingly the response was to go with the closer colour match and lighter weight. Many thanks to contributors for their thoughts. Morgan summed up the problem neatly

“Perhaps it’s all about the ‘look’ you want and how much of a feature you want the zip closure to be. eg. swish/elegant with a lightweight gold metal zip with an interesting feature zip pull, or everyday sporty casual with a semi-chunky nylon/plastic zip, etc.”

Exposed zippers inevitably draw the eye. I decided to face facts – neither of my Myrtille buys cut the mustard. I hate folding work and putting it away, but this time it had to go on hold while I tried online. I’ve used Rascol before, they’re not mega cheap for haberdashery, but are quick and reliable. A matching purple or mauve could only be had in a similarly plasticky chunky looking zip, there was a diamente job (one of Morgan’s suggestions), on black, very tempting. They had a lightweight black separable, a metal one also on black with a nicer pull and a mauve spiral on black. I ordered all three, but lean to the mauve on black.

Mauve on Black Left

I now need to change the design details  to work with this plan alteration – probably black lining and black trim round the pockets.

While waiting I struck off a smaller size in a pattern I’ve used to death, and made up yet another pair of fairly wide leg trousers in black poly crepe – not very special, but we need to determine if the new size is right for a recently shrunk daughter before splashing out on better cloth.

Yet Another Vogue2981

Also ongoing is an alteration to a dress for another daughter. She bought this from an East London shop but wanted the central panels changing from the print of old cars to black needlecord. It’s basically a simple style – princess line with the side panels cut longer in the skirt and pleated up. I think the shop does one off designs on the premises, must check it out next time I’m in London.

Dress from Recycled Pieces

Unfortunately she’d begun unpicking before yelling help, and didn’t mark the pleats first. Not a huge difficulty, but it took a bit longer. The lining is facing back the neckline, so that had to come out too.

With Black Panels

It’s smaller than my stand and the back won’t zip up, but you can see how the style works. The needlecord is unusually fine and light, this came from tissus net. I like the exaggerated curves in the centre panel,  you can see these nicely in black. DD has plans for further embellishment.

Rascol sent my stuff quickly, but domestic issues put everything on hold. There are three in my immediate family with fluctuating medical conditions, the sort that go from routine care to needing urgent attention at the drop of a hat. At times like these I wonder if I’m completely mad to plan making anything trickier than lunch. Panic is over now, I should be able to assemble the blouson jacket in the next week.




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7 Responses to Pause

  1. Kim says:

    The dress looks great with the black panel – a bit too busy originally for my taste.
    I hope you are able to find time for your own project soon. You seem to have all the bases covered now with your zip choices.


  2. felicia says:

    I like that mauve spiral zip. What a dress! Very interesting. Might we ever see it on a human?


    • jay says:

      This dress is going off to London, so it probably won’t appear on a RL human in my blog, but I’m tempted to try a knck off or two. Obviously it isn’t something I could wear, but it has interesting possibilities.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. With the black panel it reminds me of some of Vivienne Westwood’s designs.

    Rascol sounds like a useful site to know!


  4. jay says:

    The mixed bag of checked shirtings give it that look too. Rascol are over here in France, but they do send elsewhere in Europe – though postage could be a disincentive.


  5. fabrickated says:

    Gosh! So nice with the black panel. I love. Not sure I would have seen the potential there. Zips! Arghh.

    Liked by 1 person

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