Catherine posted about the difficulty of matching a grey wool for her Oxford Bags.  Descending on Myrtille looking for a deep purple open ended zip with metallic teeth and if possible something not boring for a zip pull was an act of hope bordering on idiocy.

I came away with these two:-

Purple Plasticky Zip

Navy Metal Zip

My fabric is a slubby silk duppion in a deep violet shot with viridian. You can see how it’s woven in this bit which has been snagged.

Viridian Warp Purple Weft

These two colours make for an exciting bit of shading, deep purple in some lights, more subdued and fading to green in others.

I’m making it up into a blouson style jacket, with raglan sleeves. Pattern is part drafted though I was very tempted by this pattern. That needs some matching, or at any rate toning ribbing to carry it off , which suggests that making it in black is the way to go, so I’ll keep it in mind for another day. Experience tells me that difficulties in zip matching can be multiplied tenfold when looking for ribbing.

Annoyingly I can’t reach a decision on the zip. The purple one is lighter weight, not a perfect match but at least in the colour ballpark. Lighter weight could be a better match for the fabric, but still, it looks a bit anorakky. No open ended nylon zip was on the rails, so going delicately invisible wasn’t an option. Then there’s the metal zip, which has a more authentic look but could be too heavy and is on a navy tape.

Last resort, scrub the zip, put in a fly front and use buttons or snaps. Any thoughts fellow stitchers?



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6 Responses to Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

  1. The plastic one looks better in the pictures but sometimes cameras are misleading about colours of course. But I think that’s what I’d go with.

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  2. Well, I think the metal would look too heavy, but then the plastic is plastic. If I had to chose between the two, I’d still take the plastic. Although … I think you are talented enough to change the design to snaps – I have seen many bomber style jackets!

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  3. felicia says:

    I think of the two problems — colour and weight — the biggest one is weight. You don’t want the front of your jacket sagging with the weight of a metal zipper. I’ve seen that problem on bombers made of lightweight fabrics and it’s not pretty. I like the idea of a fly front, with zip or hidden buttons. That fabric is gorgeous.

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  4. upsew says:

    I would take my chances and go with the plastic. I put a light zip into my nieces irish dance dress years ago – I didnt know any better – and it still lasted a year before it went, so you could be surprised how long the zip witll last

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  5. Kim says:

    Tough call. I agree that the plastic zip looks like a good choice – but pictures can lie. Will the support on the jacket be sufficient for the metal zips weight? If not a change of plan may be better.

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  6. Morgan says:

    Perhaps it’s all about the ‘look’ you want and how much of a feature you want the zip closure to be. eg. swish/elegant with a lightweight gold metal zip with an interesting feature zip pull, or everyday sporty casual with a semi-chunky nylon/plastic zip, etc.
    For the latter consider an aubergine rather than purple, especially if your’e using something like a charcoal or muted tone in the purple range of ribbings which tend to have a matt look rather than the lustre of the fabric. eg. this aubergine chunky from Fabricland

    I’ve bought things from charity shops to harvest nice designer zips from them.
    Or what about an open ended diamante zip – in black only though
    This is quite a bright purple open ended and perhaps a near miss is worse than a deliberate complementary

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