Squared Armhole Shirt

If you’re wondering what’s happening to this project it’s been on hold whilst I was absent on another chapter in the train-wreck-of-RL mission. Here’s how it developed before I left.

The neckline I chose was raised and set away. You can see on the front pattern photo how it was shaped.  There’s a grown on facing which joins a separate facing piece for the back neck. I’ve tried this on a couple of times and feelings have gone from ‘Yuk, no way’ to ‘Maybe, perhaps, I could live with it for this incarnation’.

Grown On Facing

While I’m making up my mind on the neckline , here’s the skinny on the method used to have the inside edge of your facing nice and neat without getting out the overlocker.

Fusible to Neaten

The fusible is set on to the RS of the facing piece with its glue side up, stitched and trimmed close to the stitching, with the rounded edge of the neckline piece (right on the photo) notched so it’ll turn.


Turned and fused there’s a neatened lower facing edge. I’ll probably run a line of stitching along it for durability.

Facing applied

Then the pre-neatened facing is applied in the normal way, RS together, trimmed, turned and pressed.

It’s a good method if your fabric doesn’t distort easily, and, pertinent to this garment, if you don’t think you’ll have to pull it apart because you don’t like the neckline shape.

I put one sleeve in for the try on, but will be taking it out and trying a different spread of the gathers – less bunchy at the top I think.

Part Done

I try to get a happy hour or two into these necessary trips and this time saw the Giacometti.

Whilst at Tate Modern I also saw this one

Both are very comprehensive. If I had a criticism it would be that many of the Giacometti’s were not visible in the round. Because of the number of works, and I suppose for security considerations, it wasn’t possible to walk round and amongst many sculptures. I had seen an exhibition of his large figure sculptures a few decades ago, where the display was more open, and found they had more distinct presence as standing figures which you could meander round and past. This is the first time I’ve seen such a wide range of his work though.

Fahrelnissa Zeid was new to me. I loved some of the large abstract paintings. I’m very glad to have seen these. If you live in London, or visit often, or even if you want to see several exhibitions on a short visit,  membership of Tate gives you free entry to exhibitions at all of their galleries. I’m usually visiting with another person, the with guest rate is particularly useful as the membership cost quickly pays for itself. They also sometimes run some ‘members only’ hours, which means you can avoid the crush at very popular exhibitions.



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  1. Wow – thanks for the tip on the fusible interfacing. I’ll have to keep that in mind!


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