Coat Collar

The coat re-make is finished bar pressing, which will be left until I can check the hem for its position and level.

It’s a classic swing coat style with a central inverted pleat in the back.

Swing Coat with Back Pleat

There’s a couple of angled pockets with a velvet piping.

Piped Pockets

The collar is astmmetric and can be worn a few ways, here it’s open. It’s a style I’ll probably repeat, informal and adaptable.

Collar Open

Collar Buttoned

The bad weather version’s above, or I suppose if it was really freezing you could hitch it all the way up and tie a scarf round for good measure. This photo is to show the neckline shape that the collar is stitched to.

Neckline Shape

In the spirit of full disclosure, laziness crept in and I didn’t resize the collar to match the now slightly smaller neckline, but gathered it a little in the back neck over the inverted pleat. The collar shape is pretty much a strip with an angled outer edge.

Collar Shape

Also, while I’m confessing, you’ll notice that the button stand is huge. The original plan was for bumper buttons, but when they were tentatively positioned they looked silly. The extra wrap was appreciated for wind protection, we took the decision to leave it with the smaller, but still quite significant buttons.


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2 Responses to Coat Collar

  1. That is beautiful! I love the shape in the back and the collar.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. felicia says:

    What a lovely coat. I like the collar a lot.

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