Jeans Again

Its been a while since I made jeans, and I need to check if my jeans block still gives me an acceptable fit. I’ve compared measurements with my rtw pairs. It’s fairly close. The rtw have no ease on my hip measurement, but they’re made in stretch denims. The block has a couple of inches which should be about right.

The questions are – will there be too much length in the back crotch curve, and will there be enough space in the front waist, both changes which don’t show up in basic measurements but need a toile.

I’ve some remnant strips of pale mauve furnishing cotton with a woven pattern in stash, and a second hand zip . Do you rip zips and buttons of old garments before chucking them? This one’s a bit mauled, but the colour isn’t bad and the length is ok.

I’m cutting them at urchin length, or possibly pedal pusher length.

The Battered Zip

The chalk line you can see at the top of the piece on the right is where I’ve deviated from the pattern on a hunch. 1cm is added to each CF waist to accomodate the weight I’m still hoping to lose. Will it be enough? Hmmm.

You’ll have spotted that I’ve cut a grown on fly.




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3 Responses to Jeans Again

  1. mrsmole says:

    I use zippers over and over in muslins and have never thrown one out ever unless teeth are missing.All muslins are also recycled and continue to be chopped up into smaller pieces until they hit the bin. I like grown-on flies!

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  2. I love it if I can strip the buttons and zippers and stuff off old clothes and bags. I’m looking forward to seeing the next step in your jeans!

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  3. You are saving the planet. Re-use away – I do whenever I can 🙂


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