Now What?

The quilted jacket is done -hooray! It started well, with that buzz you get when starting  something new, but having to walk out on it before the quilting was finished turned it into a bit of a penance. I relied on that initial impetus to carry me through swinging the needle round all the tight curves in the design.

I only had four of the buttons you see on it. Why does a button box never have the right number of buttons in it for whatever you’ve almost finished? One of life’s little mysteries.

It’s got a couple of pressstuds closing it below the last one, and if, by some lucky chance, ‘Auntie’ has still got some left on the market stall next time I’m in London, I’ll give it a fifth.

Those buttons come from Myrtille in Lorient.I bought them thinking they’d be ok, but they didn’t cut the mustard. (Myrtille is a large warehouse type fabric store.  Happily I resisted the not inconsiderable temptation to add to the overblown stash problem.)

The inside finish is below par. If I were examining myself for a City & Guilds I’d give it a fail.

This is it, part done. The binding is somewhat uneven, the pockets ad hoc, the facings so so. As I said, the buzz buzzed off. On the plus side, I picked the right depth of padding, and I will do another quilted jacket sometime. Also, it fits,  is comfy and pretty.

Pockets are in the side seam.

Quilted Jacket

Now what? I need a straightforward, quick and necessary make. There’s plenty to choose from in that category, but I’ll go for sorting out my jeans pattern. I went off jeans making. They can be bought cheaply but I have fabric and need some. The time is right.





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7 Responses to Now What?

  1. Annie says:

    Looking good from here. Those imperfections will fade into the background in time. When something, looks good, feels right and is comfortable I tend to wear it a lot and its the same for rtw, I’ve often bought seconds. I’ve been wearing a quilted jacket for a couple of months now, it’s light and warm and smart looking, win win. Yours is lovely.

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  2. jay says:

    Thanks Annie, the lightness is certainly in its favour, and a big part of the reason I want to do another one. It hadn’t struck me before, but now it seems a good way to use nice fabric that hangs around because it’s too lightweight for any practical use.


  3. felicia says:

    This is a lovely jacket, what with the nice fabric and buttons and all. I decided myself when I didn’t have enough snaps for a jacket I made recently, that there’s really no need for all the buttons a jacket usually has. I like yours with only the four buttons. Please blog lots about the upcoming jeans, as I’m finally considering making some. You can buy jeans cheap?? Wearable ones?


    • jay says:

      Well, maybe our definition of wearable isn’t the same Felicia. I’ve bought them in sales and on markets for between £3 and £5 , and don’t usually pay more than £12, but am not into brand loyalty and labels.


  4. I love it! The colour, the quilting, and those elusive buttons!


  5. Lovely! Your standards are very high, I’d be thrilled to have made that at all. Hope the imperfections stop bothering you once you’ve worn it a bit.


  6. seweverythingblog says:

    The jacket looks lovely! The imperfections, if any, are obvious to you only. Your jacket is making me think seriously about making a quilted jacket myself.


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