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Getting the Ducks in a Row

It’s always a judgement call how closely you fit clothes. The jeans in natural denim (last post) are a tad baggy on my legs, in fact I can grab a good 6 cms each side just below the pelvis without … Continue reading

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Jeans Toile from Hell

There’s always one isn’t there? One garment that dedicates itself unrelentingly to showing you up. I’ll draw a veil over most of the seam ripper moments – the times I forgot what seam allowance I’d used on the pattern and … Continue reading

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Wearable Toile ?

I’m making these jeans semi-properly, on the chance that they will fit without too much alteration. There’ll be a bit of skimping and short-cuts in case they’re waaaay off and end up as dusters. The zip went in à la … Continue reading

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Jeans Again

Its been a while since I made jeans, and I need to check if my jeans block still gives me an acceptable fit. I’ve compared measurements with my rtw pairs. It’s fairly close. The rtw have no ease on my … Continue reading

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Now What?

The quilted jacket is done -hooray! It started well, with that buzz you get when starting  something new, but having to walk out on it before the quilting was finished turned it into a bit of a penance. I relied … Continue reading

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Reorganising Sewing Area

I love seeing photos of customised sewing areas, with purpose built units and storage, but I can’t emulate them here. Maybe you have less than ideal conditions?  This  post’s about what has turned out to be a successful workaround  for me … Continue reading

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Back Later

Amazingly, the stats wordpress gives show that people are still popping in to this blog, despite the dearth of posts. So the least I can do is proffer excuses. I was away for RL emergencies for a few weeks, came … Continue reading

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