Quilt Progress

It’s looking as though I’ll have to rush off again in a few days, but, happily, I was over- thinking the quilting. A microtex needle and an open toe foot is dealing with it.

I made a couple of samples machining various versions of quilt plans and settled for the obvious – follow the main lines and motifs. More time and more spare fabric might have thrown up some nice free motion lines that would work with the pattern, that’ll have to wait for another project. I bought some of the only wadding available in the local fabric store, and decided to split it in half through the depth. Have you ever done this, was it completely crazy? The full depth sample had a touch of  the duvet look. Half as thick it’s still quilted, but more subtle.

This is the back pinned to quilt.one In case you’re wondering here’s how I found pinning versus tacking. On the sample, tacked, the toe of the open toe foot had the irritating habit of picking up a tacking stitch and pulling up the fabric. Some of the motifs have tight curves, so whilst concentrating on keeping the stitch to the correct line the foot would grab a tacking stitch. On the full back piece I decided to try pinning only. This was ok as far as holding the layers, but the pins further from the bit being stitched tended to fall out as I swung round the curves, probably because the piece had to be rolled up to pass through the machine. After doing about half of it with pins only, I tacked again. This time not using the classic slanted stitch but straight lines. Better.


Here’s the back again mostly quilted, main bow shaped lines and single motifs picked out.


On scraps I tried stitching close to the motifs, framing them, working the lines, and adding short vertical lines. This piece has the full depth wadding in it.

I decided to seam the bodice part before completing the quilting, in order to be able to enclose the seam allowances. The wadding was trimmed off beyond the stitching line and the lining turned in and hand stitched.


This photo is with the main bodice seams done and some of the quilting complete, but ….. in my haste to get this together before leaving, I forgot to insert the pockets planned for the side seams. I hope to wangle these in at a later stage without too much unpicking.

The sleeve to bodice seam is going to be bound,  the jury’s out on which technique to use for the underarm sleeve seam.



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One Response to Quilt Progress

  1. Aunt Mayme says:

    This is beautiful! It’s like trapunto.


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