Quilted Jacket

I was given a length of fabric at Christmas.

fab1The background is a warm grey, with a matt finish, textured with bumps created by the long floats of metallic gold in the woven pattern. This is what the reverse looks like.

fab2The gold is almost a rose gold, a warm colour. The fabric is supple, the metallic threads haven’t made a stiff fabric.

I’m planning to make a hip length jacket in a very basic style, but quilting the fabric, aiming for a top layer warm enough for cooler Spring days. I’ve cut a pattern with princess seams from the front armholes and a back with waist darts, high neckline to have a mandarin collar (or similar stand up style). The drafting was quick – as luck would have it I found that I’d already drafted and saved a jacket and sleeve adaptation of my bodice block. I’ve cut it out with wide turnings, and extra hem length in case I change my ideas!

No decision yet about the quilting, but some excellent advice from Stitchers Guild members. I know what I don’t want – a stand up all by itself garment, a Michelin man look, quilt stitching fighting with the pattern or breaking up the gold threads. Some samples are in order.



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9 Responses to Quilted Jacket

  1. felicia says:

    Gorgeous fabric. I look forward to seeing the resulting garment.


  2. maryfunt says:

    I know what you mean about the Michelin Man. Testing is definitely in order and I’m sure you will come up with the right combination of backing and stitching to produce a supple jacket. Please post pics of the finished work.


  3. mrsmole says:

    I would be worried that even with a new needle some of the metallic threads would want to snag and shift…fingers crossed!


    • jay says:

      Yes, that has concerned me. To date I just did a small scrap sample hand quilting, picking out the motifs and stab stitching round them. It’s nice and soft, but will I actually get a whole garment done?


  4. Kim says:

    A metafil needle perhaps? That fabric is too lovely to spoil.


  5. Beautiful fabric! I found some light upholstery fabric that was similar to yours. Maybe someday I’ll do it. I’m looking forward to seeing how you put yours together.


    • jay says:

      This could well be furnishing fabric, as I didn’t buy it I don’t know what its original label said. I’ve used furnishing fabric for garments a lot though – as long as it isn’t too heavy, it gets sewn.

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