The Best Laid Schemes

2016 is going down as the reality check year. Another month of lo-sew, a few bits were completed in between real life emergencies and damage control efforts, but the big plans of turning the fabric stash into lovely projects are definitely shelved. I came back to France the slow way this time, via Brittany ferries. If you’ve never used them, consider trying it, if only for the on board restaurants. Travel food is usually pretty dire, but their facilities are a far far remove from motorway service stations and the dismal little trays airlines offer.

One piece of stored silk, a Thai duppion in silver grey, was used in London to make this rerun of a dress for dd, first made in navy poly a few years ago. I hadn’t saved the pattern, so it was redrafted. The original also had a large pocket at the front hem, but in the silver silk it looked over the top. The buttons came from John Lewis and the belt is from H&M.

Neckline Closed

Neckline Closed

Neckline Open

Neckline Open

The skirt part is a slight A line, there are double waist darts shaping the waist, the cuffs are fairly deep and shaped so that they can be worn down or folded back and the front fastens with one visible button at the top of the fly front and two buttoned tabs to fold the neckline closed.


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7 Responses to The Best Laid Schemes

  1. seweverythingblog says:

    So sorry that you had to deal with putting out real life “fires”. I can empathize since my sewing goal is the same as yours – turning “le stash” into beautiful clothing. Wishing you the best in 2017, and praying to the sewing gods that they shower you with a lot of benevolence.


  2. seweverythingblog says:

    Lovely silver dress, by the way! I would love to see it on your dd. 🙂


  3. Ah, Brittany Ferries – a good way to travel.We start our travels in France on a slow ferry…


  4. mrsmole says:

    Love that silver dress and cuffs! Only been on a ferry once between Liverpool and Dublin and with the rough sea, even the staff were close to puking. Sorry your sewing plans came to a halt but sometimes we are sent delays to make us stop and stand back and regroup and find inspiration and time for future projects. If we can just learn to adjust and live with such sessions, the future projects will sing…well that is my wish for you, jay!


  5. Fabrickated says:

    I love the silver dress too! What a beauty.

    I have only had one experience of Brittany Ferries, but it was wonderful. We ate a marvellous dinner, with nice wine, retired to our bed, and woke to a pot of freshly brewed coffee. The French staff were wonderful with great English. And then a short drive to our destination near St Malo. However, like Mrs Mole, I have had terrible experiences too – Stranrae to Belfast was disgusting in all respects.


  6. This is beautiful. Something about the collar reminds me of vogue 8827, the wrap dress with the wide collar pieces.. Or maybe I’ve just got that pattern on my mind cuz I’ve been looking for it and it’s OOP and impossible to find ^^
    But yea, I love how you just draft whatever you need and this is another elegant example of your skillz!


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