Fabric, Yes, More Of It.

Resolve weakens

Hoard Hit

Hoard Hit

So much for ‘not buying any more fabric until the stash is burned’ huh! I was dropped off in Myrtille to look for black satin backed crepe. They had none, and pick up would be at least an hour, and amazingly for this shop, sales ladies were in abundance and shoppers competing for attention sparse. There’s nothing near Myrtille except Decathlon. Ergo, binge shop for boring sweats and yoga pants or binge shop for fabrics. No contest.

Top left is a jersey, bought for dd because she liked it in their sister shop, but promptly went off it when I got it home. Tant pis I’ll make moi a top or dress. Top right is a brocade that used to be jolly expensive and was relocated on the bargain counter at 1euro 50, below it another which is a range of blues and light brown on a black background, richer than in the pic. The cerise/fuschia/pinky-red is linen bought because I want to replace some linen trousers in a similar colour, and with it a couple of balls of cotton in different shades. I’m kidding myself that I’ll crochet a top, but I crochet as slowly as I sew quickly so don’t hold your breath. Bottom left is one of those fabrics I can rarely resist, just because it’s different. It’s black and the surface is entirely covered in a long pile of a synthetic fibre with some lustre. Has it got a name, does anyone know? That was also in the bargain pile.



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4 Responses to Fabric, Yes, More Of It.

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Never, ever is there such a thing as too much fabric! Enjoy your new purchases!


  2. I’m drooling over those colours!


  3. I’m glad it’s not just me that can’t leave fabric behind. Your haul looks lovely.


  4. Exciting! Those brocades look lovely. Isn’t it great when you stumble upon a bargain? Of course you must buy, it’s almost free, well that’d be my excuse anyway.


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