Silk Wrap Blouse

Here’s the top made from the printed silk I photographed last week.

Wrap Over Top

Wrap Over Top

I drafted the pattern as a wrap over, ending hip length.

Rough Tech Sketch

Rough Tech Sketch

The wrap is organised so that the front waist dart will support the button and interior press stud.

Inside Fastening

Inside Fastening

The neckline facings turn to the right side and are top stitched down. The bust dart is divided up, because it’s for a dd cup I’ve put part of it in a shoulder dart and part in small centre front darts. Using some of the darting at the CF  helped prevent gaping in previous wrap over dresses and tops, so I’m hoping it will work here too.  The sleeves are slightly belled and finish in a centred point at the wrist, faced back.

Shaped Sleeve

Shaped Sleeve

To economise on fabric I put a dart in the side in lieu of a side seam. There was just 1.35 metres. I haven’t decided whether to make a tie belt – this could probably be squeezed out of the left overs.

Rouleau Loop

Rouleau Loop

To calculate fabric for a top you usually work on once length plus 3/4 yard, 70cms for sleeves, but making a wrap means adding the best part of another front to the equation. That can mean twice length plus sleeves, depending on the usable width of fabric and bust measurement. Larger sizes sometimes need this extra fabric even when there is no wrap over. Cutting out seam allowances at the side seams by converting the shaped seam to a dart saved 4 to 6 cms

I’m wearing this to give an approximate idea of the general shape, but it’s cut for one of my daughters, who is a bit curvier than me, though about the same general size.


I managed to get some brown buttons for the concealed fastening on the brown shirt in the village haberdasher/lingerie shop, and was pretty happy to find she is stocking a selection of Schmetz machine needles now. This could be a life saver, given the rate I eat microtex .


Here’s the ‘look’.boo

I’ve some grey and some brown chiffon buried somewhere in stash, which could make an alternative top, perhaps finishing just below the waistline.


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12 Responses to Silk Wrap Blouse

  1. seweverythingblog says:

    Beautiful flowered top! Thanks for the mini lesson in calculating for fabric yardage – I’m going back to read it again (being mathematically inept). I always look forward to your posts.


  2. Kim Hood says:

    The floral top is lovely, but then so is the brown one with the skirt. The Joel’s fabric skirt is pretty enough to go anywhere, and I’m sure a chiffon would look lovely with it.


  3. That is amazing – what you start with… the drawing… and what you end up with… a lovely top! I love learning from your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. fabrickated says:

    Really great pair of blouses. I like the wrap and hope that it behaves – I am sure it will. The brown outfit is really striking and you look super – personally I prefer dark brown (and navy) to black as I think it looks sophisticated and interesting. Especially with the lovely skirt. Bravo.


  5. The wrap top has some ingenious features that I’ll file away for reference I would never have thought that darts could replace side seams, I shall investigate that as it’s intriguing. I love the faced hem on the sleeve too. Your daughter is in for a treat.

    You look polished in your outfit, brown is much neglected colour in my opinion, it suits you and the fit of your blouse is perfect.


  6. Aunt Mayme says:

    Oh my! Could I come over and sit with you for a while? (after an expensive plane ticket) You are such an inspiration. I wish I could let go of my Etsy shop stuff for about two weeks and sew just clothes. To think you made this from a photo. Your posts are awe inspiring.


  7. Steph says:

    Lovely brown outfit and very pretty floral blouse. I agree with Kate that brown is a sophisticated neutral. I tend to look better in navy but I prefer both navy and brown to black generally. I also find that grey and brown are an elegant combination.


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