Shirt Progress

The shirt in repurposed fabric, intended to be worn with the cloqué skirt was finished this week except for buttons and buttonholes. Its a simple shape, armhole princess seams back and front, standard shirt collar, fly front, sleeves gathered into cuffs. I cut the pattern from my block and struck lucky on the fit, just as well as the space for seam allowance was very limited. Its finished with zigzag as my overlocker is on the blink, and 1cm turnings limited the options.

Shirt Cuff

Shirt Cuff


Concealed Opening

Concealed Opening

I used a scrap of striped cotton inside the fly to save fabric and reduce bulk.

The front seams end in a small slit.

Front Seams at Hem

Front Seams at Hem

I found a few silver white buttons in stash.

Silver White Buttons

Silver White Buttons

These, I hope will tie in with the silver woven pattern on the cloqué. Now just need to get some small flat brown buttons for the concealed section.

This is the third  project hanging about. My edge to edge coat now only needs fastenings and sleeve hems, and jeans are waiting for a second embroidery foot, but regardless of the build up  I pulled out another piece from Joel Sale.

It’s blouse weight,  just 1.35 of a metre, which will become a blouse for one daughter. The background is black. I set myself an equivalence test for these purchases – each piece has to make a garment which wouldn’t seem over pricey in rtw. Or to put it another way, wouldn’t cost more than I’d expect to spend on, in this case, a blouse. Makes sense to me.

Printed Silk


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4 Responses to Shirt Progress

  1. fabrickated says:

    The Joel fabric is very pretty and will be super for a blouse. And how nice to make a blouse for yourself that fits well. You will enjoy wearing it.


  2. That’s a pretty flowery print. I am sure the skill and expertise you put into your sewing is much much better than store bought!


  3. Kim Hood says:

    Makes perfect sense. It’s sadly not unusual to find that it would be possible to buy for less than it costs to make but it’s necessary to compare with a fairly high end RTW, after all we aren’t making average are we?


  4. mrsmole says:

    I’m with Kim, we rarely sew anything ordinary with ordinary fabric so please don’t compare it to RTW. We create with passion and sometimes with fabulous engineering skills with a shortage of fabric. OK…we make magic…that is for sure! Love the flowers and I’m sure the blouse with princess seams will fit like a glove. I also like having the front seams with a small vent!


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