One Two Three

It was a bits and pieces week, parts of three projects worked.

First jeans, in black stretch denim, aiming for embroidery down the side. This might be in black too, or maybe black and green. Decisions, decisions.  I got as far as sewing up to check sizing, then ripping out the inseam so as to have a couple of flat canvases. Next I started roughing out some lines in chalk on the inside, and ordered an open toe foot. I used a transparent foot the last time I did free motion embroidery on jeans, but my eyes need more help now.

flowersWaiting for the foot, I pulled out the 1 metre remnant I bought from Joels in the Christmas sale. Its a brown cloque with a silver grey woven design. I’ve cut a simple A line skirt in this, piece below. Its a bog standard shape, darts closed and swung into the hem.

joelThen, I pulled out a pattern I drafted years ago from a purchased top, and a couple of scrap pieces of red crushed velvet. The rough pattern has been sitting in an envelope for years, needing testing in something.   I thought both pieces of fabric were the same colour, until part way through cutting out. Actually one is a more orangey coral and the other a deeper cherry. This resulted in a less than perfect test garment – it fits but the colour distribution is a bit wacky. I felt slightly mollified when I realised that a string of coral beads works with it.


The best part of this pattern is the collar. It’s got potential as a go-to neckline filler for  Vee necks with too much plunge. The roughed out pattern is below, on the left is the centre back, the point at right side fits into the bottom of the vee, and it sits high at the back neck.



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5 Responses to One Two Three

  1. Steph says:

    Love the embroidery idea!


  2. fabrickated says:

    Clever. The upside down collar.


  3. Bits and pieces are good, some weeks are like that. I checked out the collar full size – clever!


  4. mrsmole says:

    Looking forward to seeing that embroidery. Who knew different shades of red would go so well! Cool collar tip too!


  5. That is a different kind of collar but it sure will look nice! I’m looking forward to seeing it finished!


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