Embossed Velvet to the Rescue

Not a brilliant week.

The pup outgrew sitting in the front passenger well. A back seat cover to keep wet sand and mud contained was urgent. The available choice here didn’t include one with a separate, washable liner to the waterproof under layer. I heard myself volunteer. I had firm fabric going begging in stash after all.

How did I forget how much I hate, loathe, detest home dec sewing? Result – too much sewing time hauling heavy lengths of fabric, fighting with gravity as it pulled the layers sideways, yards of plain seams and then more yards of seam finishing, sewing zips into lumpy great chunks of folded tough stuff. You get the picture.  I used the Good-Enuff approach, and will have to live with that malicious monkey on my shoulder whispering about how it could have been done better if only I’d wasted even more time on it. That’s the worst of home dec.  You can’t just shove the badly finished item to the back of the wardrobe. It’s fix it or live with it.

The cherry on the cake,  DH pulled over enthusiastically on one of the zips and bust it, first time out. Oh frabjous day!

That’s how I came to pull out remnants of green embossed velvet and zen out making this soothingly simple, straightforward top.

Embossed Velvet Top

Embossed Velvet Top

The pattern has a wide band on the front neck, and finishes the back neck with a narrow binding. I decided to put sleeves in, and used my 12 sleeve block, putting a dart in at the wrist. I stitched them in flat of course, seaming the side seam and underarm seam in one pass.

Front Neckband Strip

Front Neckband Strip

Front Neckband Applied

Front Neckband Applied

Back Neck Binding

Back Neck Binding

Sleeve Applied Flat

Sleeve Applied Flat

Web Wanderings.

An interesting scheme is flagged up at My Vintage Inspiration. It’s an opportunity to document some of the inspiration, learning and development of your craft, to form an oral history.


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2 Responses to Embossed Velvet to the Rescue

  1. Fabrickated says:

    You perfectly express why making things for the home is on my not to do list. I love the green top though. Looks like it might work with that lacey skirt?


  2. Aunt Mayme says:

    When all else fails, sew!


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