Favourite Bag

Favourite Bag

This bag is a winner. It’s not the easiest pattern to put together, being full of subtle curves, but it has a smooth logic and creates a great shape, large enough if you pick up a few bits of shopping, or want to carry your lunch, a paperback and that scrap of crochet you’re working on, but it’s not cumbersome. The handle is a continuation of the curves in the side shapes. It fits neatly over the shoulder, but doesn’t drag on the ground if held in the hand. Perfect.

Side Panels

Side Panels

I load the lining with pockets of various sizes, at least one zipped, a phone pocket, a pen pocket and a spare, and include a key holder. You can keep the essentials to hand even when you’ve filled the interior with shopping, a significant advantage over most purchased bags.

This time I’ve made the side panels and handle in soft black leather with the front, back and bottom panels in black denim, jazzed up with tucks.



The lining is a quite tough silver grey poly fabric which I used double, chosen because everyday, carry to work bags quickly get wrecked inside. The leather has interfacing fused to it,  The bottom panel is stiffened with a mesh.

Seam allowances need to be accurately cut and getting the handle to line up at the corners where it joins the side panels is a bit tricky. With several interior pockets, working steadily but not flat out, it takes five or six hours. A nice, no fitting involved project.






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9 Responses to Bag

  1. cinnaspice says:

    I am really liking your bag. That style is just my cup of tea. I have not work with leather much but I have some pieces my son gave me which I will venture with this year. I am just afraid my machine might get a little cantankerous about it.


    • jay says:

      The leather I used is quite soft and my machine sewed it as easily as a piece of denim. I don’t want to risk tougher leather in case it damages the mechanism.


  2. seweverythingblog says:

    Love the bag! I’ve made very few bags but collect everything related to making them :I . One day…..
    These days I’m on a cross body bag kick. As always, I enjoy your posts very much.


  3. Aunt Mayme says:

    Is this similar to a Japanese knot bag?


  4. Very clever, I like it a lot, it ticks all my boxes,the handles are so much easier to sew when they’re done like that.


  5. Belinda says:

    I like your bag. Which pattern did you use?


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