Dead Easy

With silk left over from other projects I made a couple of  shortie pyjama pants for dds, same basic pattern, different sizes. There was a bit of cheating in the layouts to get the pieces out of the remaining fabric. I dovetailed the pattern on the burgundy satin, luckily it didn’t shade.

There are only two pieces to the pattern, with the waist folded over and elasticated. I used narrow french seams.

Burgundy silk shorts

Burgundy silk shorts

Pale Rose silk shorts

Pale Rose silk shorts

This would be an ideal beginner pattern. With extra ease in the hip measurement, elasticated waist and deeper crotch depth there’s not the same fitting problems as daywear . (Maybe made in something less slippery, tana lawn? )

When I’d finished these I had a waste not want not moment and squeezed strappy tops out of the teeny scraps, putting in some black satin to stretch the red.

Rose pink top

Rose pink top

Burgundy top

Burgundy top

There’s something therapeutic about working with silk isn’t there? A microtex needle, lace pins and it’s sorted.

(Sorry about the lousy unfocused pics. )




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4 Responses to Dead Easy

  1. Mary says:

    Pretty panties! 🙂


  2. Very pretty – and always good to make something useful from ‘scrap’.


  3. fabrickated says:

    I would definitely wear these as underwear. Did I miss the pattern details?


  4. Very nice! Best thing about sewing undergarments is how little fabric is needed and how lovely the fabric is!


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