Lacing up for another year

Number forty something on last post’s list of possible stash projects was a suit or something in grey lace knit. I bought this fabric on an East London market because it was a. very pretty and b. very cheap (£1 a yard). Years passed without inspiration.  Pretty and cheap, but so very stretchy that I went for short vertical lengths in the final design.

The cardigan top pattern I hit on is one I drafted and made up a few years ago, and used on another orphan fabric with an interesting texture. I’m adding a front band, gathered cuffs and trim sliced from the lace. There’s one main piece. The CB is over on the left, the sleeve is the part headed for the bottom right corner. The front is at the top right. ( It’s a kimono cut.)


Pattern matching had its why-on-earth-did-I-bother moment. Driven by the distant memory that placing the front on straight grain could give a nice V effect on the back seam I set about repeating the trick. This time though the fabric wasn’t wide enough to work with it folded pattern on pattern, and then there were the wobbles. This was as good as I could get if I wanted to keep off the strong drink.

Matching on Lace

Matching on Lace

close match

I’m supporting the seams with strips of fabric on straight grain. Decision on the underskirt is hanging fire. The fabric is actually a blue-ish greenish grey, not easy to match. Its between black, grey or dye something with fingers crossed.



Happy 2016 fellow stitchers, let’s hope it shapes up better for more people than 2015.






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5 Responses to Lacing up for another year

  1. Aunt Mayme says:

    This is interesting as I’ve often wanted to try this technique. I was always afraid the bulk of the fabric would create a “wave-like” effect, but maybe I’m wrong?


  2. Beautiful Fabric! The colour does seem “different”. Can’t wait to see it finished! Happy New Year!


  3. Your fabric looks lovely, and no-one would guess the price. When you are finished you can award yourself that strong drink!


  4. fabrickated says:

    I think this looks lovely. I have some grey nylony lace too, and was thinking of what to put behind it. What have you put there in the last picture, because it looks great.


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