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Nightwear Nightmare

The fabric came from the  East End market I occasionally haunt. I bought enough to make a top. Luckily, I didn’t start it. The fabric went into stash. It’s woven, with a permanent crinkled texture,  printed in pink and black … Continue reading

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Dead Easy

With silk left over from other projects I made a couple of  shortie pyjama pants for dds, same basic pattern, different sizes. There was a bit of cheating in the layouts to get the pieces out of the remaining fabric. … Continue reading

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Lace and More Lace

Yesterday I stopped shilly shallying over which bit of stash could underline my lace knit, and abandoned searching for the holy grail of a perfect match. Final choices were the satin side of a satin backed crepe in a bluey … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Mary  recently wrote a thoughtful post about censorship and controversy. The background was a thread on Sewing Pattern Review, which slid near spat level. The owner decided to revise the rules, proscribing discussion of sensitive issues. When I started this blog, … Continue reading

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Lacing up for another year

Number forty something on last post’s list of possible stash projects was a suit or something in grey lace knit. I bought this fabric on an East London market because it was a. very pretty and b. very cheap (£1 … Continue reading

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