List mania

I failed to get my stash sewn up in 2015. A new ‘helper’ entered the household.

Springer Distraction

Springer Distraction

Consequently, a new plan is hatching, in the form of a loooong list of possible projects to eat stash in 2016. Some are more inspiring than others.

  1. A couple of dresses with beaded collars. They might be standard collar shape or could dash off into natural forms, a snake? a row of flowers? a lizard or croc?
  2. Casual trousers for DH in a khaki cotton that’s been kicking around for several years. Did I mention I hate sewing menswear?
  3. Some pyjama trousers in a crinkly printed fabric bought in an East London market.
  4. A couple of pyjama shorts , and maybe pj tops out of odd silk left-overs.
  5. A jacket in a rich pink wool bought in Berwick St sale in August, lined with light silk taffeta also Berwick St. sale.  Possibly with sleeves on a kimono draft if it can be squeezed out of the yardage. Style to be decided
  6. A dress in dark green wool jersey. I’d like this to have a flared skirt and sleeves, but yardage might be a constraint. I can’t recall where I bought the fabric.
  7. Three sleeveless silk tops in remnants from Joel & Sons. Yes, I added to the stash instead of using it up.
  8. A full length slip in a jersey lace, black and grey, maybe a second as waist slip.
  9. A short skirt or midi length in a grey velvet with some trim in black leather, or satin or grosgrain.
  10. A skirt in brown Cloque from a Joel remnant – more evidence of weakness  in the face of Sales.
  11. A top in brown crepe recycled from a UFO to go with the skirt above.
  12. Black jeans. Zero enthusiasm for jeans, but I need them I suppose.
  13. Natural white jeans, as above.
  14. A top with bead weaving at the neckline.
  15. A skirt decorated with silk ribbon embroidery, maybe in black or navy duppion
  16. A jacket with cuffs and front borders encrusted with fabric beads
  17. An art teacher chic casual lightweight jacket with squares of fabric stitched on as embellishment
  18. An art teacher chic skirt with fabric strips woven through slashes
  19. Jeans in denim slit and frayed (70s ish?). More interesting than plain jeans.
  20. Top designed around one special button. Got to eat into the button collection too.
  21. Dress using two fabrics pieced in stripes before cutting
  22. Bird appliqué quilted jacket
  23. Patchwork shopper
  24. On a simple jacket or skirt use plaited or braided scraps as trim, or frayed multiple strips couched down
  25. Cocoon shape jacket or coat in apricot silk
  26. Work dress with pattern in painted bleach to embellish
  27. Work dress with patchwork silk yoke or collar, or use silk scraps as triangular folded trims
  28. Work dress with ‘shoes’ appliqué
  29. Work dress with ‘sweets’, ‘fireworks’, ‘fans’ embroidery
  30. Work dress with floral cut outs backed in net
  31. Thick white tapestry wool flowers embroidered on solid wool for skirt or dress
  32. Dress with butterflies emb. from hem to neckline
  33. Chanel style jacket in multi coloured tweed trimmed with threads drawn from fabric and crocheted
  34. Skirt to match jacket
  35. Wide trousers in pin stripe wool
  36. Suit in navy twill (pattern?)
  37. Sheath dress in french navy brocade
  38. Vogue dress in suede effect fabric (air force blue)
  39. Peach sateen oversize jacket with black trim
  40. Velvet dress, princess seams, flared skirt
  41. red silk pj
  42. Coat dress or shirt dress in black silk twill
  43. Dress in grey cotton emb. with dragonflies (pattern?)
  44. Top in voile embellished with white circles
  45. Shirt in cream voile with woven stripes (style?)
  46. Trench in blue velvet
  47. Red tartan silk tweed as dress – style?
  48. Green tartan silk tweed as trouser suit – style?
  49. Yellow boucle silk tweed from Joels as skirt
  50. Dress in flowered silk
  51. Dress or skirt in red rayon printed with tulips
  52. Dress or top in blue rayon with bright print
  53. Long skirt in red silk dupion
  54. Black silk sleevelss top and skirt trimmed in gold silk
  55. Gold silk sleevelss top and skirt trimmed with black to interchange
  56. 40s style mid calf winter dress with pleats in skirt
  57. Grey knitted lace suit
  58. Cream slinky knit cardi or shrug
  59. Navy devore silk as shirt, possibly with batwing sleeve
  60. An apron in African wax print fabric

The list is a dumping ground for ideas. I added no.60 Christmas morning, when it hit me that wearing Cashmere jumper gift while grilling salmon was an accident in the making.

Hasty Apron

Hasty Apron

The design is the result of the shape of the fabric remaining from a dress. There’s one main piece in the apron. A centrally placed rectangle was left from cutting the dress on the fold. I stitched down deep pleats in this until it was about the right width for the bib, releasing them at the waist where the fabric left was full width. Then I added a frill, a pocket, waist ties and loop to go round the neck.

No close-ups –  sloppy technique, eyeballed measurements and no seam finishing is the result of running it up on Christmas morning. I leave the underside to your imaginations.




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7 Responses to List mania

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I’m taking a seat and pulling the kuereg closer, so I get to see all these ideas take shape- especially the collar plans!!


  2. seweverythingblog says:

    Ambitious list for me, but maybe not for you. 60 items on the list. I’m figuring 5 items a month. Which means 1.25 items a week. Pretty do-able when you break it down, right?
    All the best, happy new year and thank you for sharing. I love your posts!


  3. mrsmole says:

    What a cool list!!!! That would take me years to just assemble and cut out but you can do it even with a Springer for help. I had Springers for 20 years…they are a hoot! One used to sit under the apricot tree and avocado tree and eat everything that dropped to the ground. It wasn’t until we took him in for grooming and shots that we realized that old boy had blossomed in a 71 pound beauty with gorgeous well nourished fur….Wishing you all the best in 2016!


  4. jay says:

    Springer by name and nature aren’t they? Bounce around like Zebedee.


  5. Great new dog!
    I am in awe of your list. I probably have one of similar dimensions but it is purely mental at present. Perhaps I should do as you have and put it ‘out there’ to spur me on. Good luck working through yours.


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