Snail Like

A teeny bit of progress on the coat this week. I cut a pattern, and decided to make a part toile to see if the latest idea about the neckline was going to be a runner or not.

Coat Pattern Front

Coat Pattern Front

I’ve cut the toile in a short length of a poly suiting bought very cheaply on or just after that brief moment when lurex stripes were being woven indiscriminatingly. As poly suiting goes its quite good fabric, firm enough to give some idea about how the finished piece will hang.

The neckline in question was going to be raised to about mid front, then plain. I also wanted to check if the tiny bit of flare added would be enough. Sewn, the decision is simpler neckline and half an inch more flare or so. I’ll leave generous side turnings to give myself wriggle room if  the wool affects the hang. The fit is good.

Progress is slow due to extensive work on the garden. I’ve been too tired in the evenings to machine, which leads me to wonder about starting some hand embroidery for  slumped on the sofa hours. The last time I tackled embroidery was post operatively several years ago. This –

Embroidered Top

Embroidered Top

That was a make up as you go along design, I’ll aim for a bit more planning next time. There’s a few stash fabrics I could use for base garments, a heavy silk in a very pale apricot colour, a grey velvet and a neutral light fawn shade of a linen type (not pure linen but good). I like the idea of embroidery flowing across or down something, but what? Skirt ? Jacket?



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7 Responses to Snail Like

  1. fabrickated says:

    Wow – your embroidery is seriously nice. I love the falling flowers, And all those subtle colours of blue, green and purple. Just gorgeous. I don’t know what to suggest for your next project (which I am sure will be sensational). Just to say I am thinking of embroidering jeans. Really slowly. As the mood takes me, so I can keep wearing them as I add to them.


    • jay says:

      Jeans is a great idea. Will you put the design on the legs/ankles or keep it on the pockets? I did a free style machine emroidered pair (both legs) for one daughter in her teens. The result was nice, but I had to replace the carbon brushes on my machine motor afterwards.


  2. Your top is amazing with the embroidered accent on it!


  3. Linda says:

    I love your embroidered top! Lovely colours and design. I’ve never thought about embroidering clothing, but now I’ve seen yours I’d love to give it a go. Maybe I’ll try jeans to start with. Good luck with your coat, looking forward to seeing how it progresses. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, I am participating in a challenge to comment 300 times in 30 days and am really enjoying finding new to me blogs.


  4. jay says:

    Welcome Linda, 300 is a Herculean effort! I just visited your blog, the 60s green dress is so chic, and the little Springer adorable! (I tried to place a comment but for some reason it didn’t work.)


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