Decisions, decisions

How do you choose between your different ideas when you have a length of one of those fabrics that could work in several different styles? Hard isn’t it?

I’ve been mulling over the black almost bouclé, and the excellent suggestions. Some sort of simple lightweight coat, or long jacket similar to the one Kate made in yellow is getting top billing. I’m going to need a little bit more structure or shape in the pattern than her slender daughter. Sideways view of me in cloth hanging straight down from bust level – not a brilliant look.

One idea was to resurrect this pattern, but with a set in sleeve, keeping the pleated pockets, but making it edge to edge.



But I’m still liking the simplicity of the shape in the yellow coat, so doing something like this suggests itself.

Adaptation for Coat

Adaptation for Coat

It would be edge to edge, and have pockets extending from the lower part of the dart-seam, hopefully keeping a simple shape but with a suggestion of fit. I want a set in sleeve but haven’t decided on the shape at the lower half – straight or slight flare echoing slight flare of coat side seam? Decisions decisions! I like the idea of keeping the fabric soft – I wonder if a Chanel jacket technique for the lining would work on a light coat. Has anyone done that?


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4 Responses to Decisions, decisions

  1. mrsmole says:

    Never having done any Chanel techniques but we always have to think of the added weight it will bring and will the flare benefit or look droopy? I have made pockets attached to the inside of bust darts with small rectangles cut away from the seam allowance, standing proud like little houses that fold to the inside once the pocket bag is attached. Then the whole dart leg can be top stitched as a decorative feature on the front stopping on either side of the pocket. Your creations always have so much thought put into them!


    • jay says:

      Yes! Thanks for the reminder about top stitching dart legs as a decorative feature. I was toying with the idea of inserting some kind of piping, but the top stitching could be just enough to bring out the line without the added complication and bumpiness of extra turnings inside.


  2. fabrickated says:

    Well I love your adapted G Beene jacket, but I have decided to make one of these simple coats for myself at some point. I think the key is to make it as soft as possible so it is comfy and warm, almost an indoor coat. I think the quilting would be wonderful, depending on the feel and weight of the fabric.


  3. jay says:

    A coat for slightly cool days, rather than for howling gale, sleeting rain and freezing fog?


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