Considering Jackets

I bought some textured black wool from these guys at least a year ago. I probably paid £12 a metre for it, that’s about the usual for many of their wools. On casual glancing, it looks like bouclé, but there are no loops, its a firm texture with bumps.

Black textured wool

Black textured wool

I’ve gamely tried to photograph it, and of course it has come out grey and uninspiring. Use your imagination please. The original idea I had for it (collarless jacket) has shifted to the back boiler while I mentally run through other possibilities.  What would you do with it?

Meanwhile, it’s having a cold wash on the wool program.


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10 Responses to Considering Jackets

  1. Morgan says:

    Something like this often works well when the design uses seam lines as styling features eg.


  2. sewruth says:

    How much do you have?
    I’ve had great success with Merchant and MIlls Haremere jacket: first one made in linen and worn most of the summer, and I’m just about to put the buttonholes on another one – this time a coat made with linen/wool and alpacha blend in navy. Plain but stylish. Nice rolled shawl collar, patch pockets, dropped shoulders.


  3. fabrickated says:

    I made a collarless coat for my daughter (the yellow one), wore it today and absolutely loved its informality and swish. If the wool is fairly soft it might be worth considering something informal and fun like this. Or a cape with a thrilling lining?


    • jay says:

      A collarless coat does sound interesting, your daughter”s worked so well. I only had a moment to grab the fabric off the washing line last night, it felt softer than prior to washing. Did you use any interlining?


      • fabrickated says:

        No, not really because she objected to any “stiffness”. Maybe organza throughout would be the best bet, and leave out the interfacing? Or maybe try a Chanel type quilted lining. I suppose it depends quite a lot on the qualities of the cloth.


  4. Interesting fabric. It looks so different up close. Is it going to be a warm coat, is it heavy or light? I guess that would factor in on whether I made a jacket or coat! Looking forward to seeing what you choose!


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