All White

There’s something nice about white isn’t there?

White Dress

White Dress

The fabric is probably poly or rayon, its a textured weave bright white fabric which has been lurking for three or four years. You can see it better in this close up.

Textured White Fabric

Textured White Fabric

The steps in making up were:-

a. Fuse a strip of lightweight interfacing to the neck edge to stabilise, and along each side of the zipper opening. The side seam is quite shaped, so it’s worth taking extra care.

b. Stitch the darts, four in the front, two in the back

c. Stitch the upper bodice pieces to the lower front bodice

d. Stitch the shoulder seams.

e. Attach the facings round the neckline. A  non-classic method used. First the front facing was stitched to the neckline, taking one stitch horizontally across the base of the Vee, leaving about an inch unstitched near the shoulders, then the back neckline facing done again leaving about an inch unstitched near the shoulders. The shoulder seams of the facings were then stitched and the remainder of the neckline stitched. (Doing it this way helps to ensure that the facing shoulder seams match the bodice shoulder seams). Trim and edge stitch turnings to facings.

f. Roll each facing in turn round bodice to face the armhole, trim, pull through and edge stitch turnings to facings in two passes, back curve to shoulder then front curve to meet it.

g. Stitch the invisible zipper into the longer (left) side seam, and stitch bodice seam and facing seam above and below it, stitch right bodice seam.

h. Stitch side seams of skirt pieces, attach skirt.

i. Hem done with double row of straight stitch.

All seams with zig-zag.

The pattern is the one used for the African Batik dress. I’m getting a bit bored with it now, having made it up four times already. I’ve transfered the working pattern into a ‘proper’ pattern, seamlines walked, seam allowances on, and will probably re-slice it to get some variation in the seamlines, whilst keeping the overall fit and shape that DD rates.

Working Pattern

Working Pattern


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6 Responses to All White

  1. sew2pro says:

    White’s not for me (I’m a mess!) but this is beautiful with lovely lines. Very Wimbledon too.


  2. Suits the clean lines of this design really well.


  3. The white is so polished and the dress is lovely.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Love the lines, love the fabric and love the shape….will we see it on your body soon? I’m also drooling over all your pattern pieces…call me crazy!


  5. Lily Lau says:

    Why am I so weak to white dresses? ❤


  6. fabrickated says:

    I always feel really nice in a white dress, but like Sew2Pro I always seem to get stuff on it. Maybe something highly washable is the answer.


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