Me Made Maid

Its that time of year again. The sewing blogsphere blossoms with people strutting their stuff in May. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines. I tried to join in one year, but fell by the wayside on photography – A picture every day? We have rain here. Lots of it.
The idea behind Me Made May was, I think, to prove that you don’t just make but actually wear your stuff. This seems a bit weird to we ancient tightwads, born at the tail end of rationing, christened in parachute silk, mother still making do and mending, cutting down and re-purposing anything with any useful fabric left in it. The transition from Mum Made Maid to Me Made was …. er… seamless.

Obviously discounting the occasional fail rotting in Damnation Alley, and the special occasion dress made two sizes too small whilst swearing to shun all chocolate and shrink into it, why would anyone make clothes and not wear the creation? Spending hours stitching and ripping, tweaking and fudging for nothing? That sounds rather like a penance, three Hail Mary’s and eight hours struggling with the new Vogue cut in what now seems to be the wrong size.
Sew to get a better fit. Sew for economy. Sew to get proper choice. Sew for individualism, and the colour you choose. Sew to shake a little fist at corporations exploiting too young machinists abroad, and staffing their first world shops with workfare and zero hours contract slaves.

Whatever the motivation, wear what you sew, twelve months of the year surely?
Instead of a blow by blow account of my May get-ups, I’m spending this month getting to grips with listing my patterns. (see new page Pel Mel Patterns top bar). Some designs have already had their moment in a post, others not. If the pattern has even one star in the Satisfaction category, I certainly wore it or someone else did. If it doesn’t it’s waiting a remake. How about you – are you a Me Made Maid or Closet RTW addict?


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11 Responses to Me Made Maid

  1. kokorimbaud says:

    I really enjoy your blog, and you’re speaking my mind with this post. While it’s certainly marvelous to see all the enthusiastic stitchers strutting their makes, and by all accounts I’ve read from participants useful to encourage a lot of people to be more confident about their makes, I’m very much like. Making clothes I have no intention of wearing (ideally regularly – except the statement/special occasion makes, of which I have a total of two 😀 ) does not make any sense in my world.
    So while I’ll surely be stalking MMM 2015 to find inspiration and new patterns, I’m not participating 🙂
    Maybe we’re just lucky to have grown up with a sense that home-made clothes are not something weird that needs to be encouraged? Either way, I tip my hat to Zoe for starting what is a hugely successful and beloved movement many sewists love. It’s just not for me.


  2. prttynpnk says:

    I’m glad to see this video being circulated- it’s important info we need to mind. I can’t MMM either- well, I wear my creations daily, but the documenting- ugh!!


  3. helen says:

    I have joined MMM 15, this year I’m doing 2 items a day as I realised 1 wasn’t much of a challenge as I wear hand made nearly everyday anyway. I didn’t manage to photograph everyday day last year so just did a round up at the end of the month. Not sure if I’ll manage a photo a day this year. Also I’m not sure who is really interested in what I wear everyday!
    Since getting back into sewing a few years ago and doing a RTW fast I really need to be making clothes that I can wear everyday.
    I’ll take a watch of the video later, I should be supervising a 3 year old with his lunch at the moment…


  4. mrsmole says:

    No time for real clothes in this sewing room…it’s brides for me up the wazoo but if I ever do get time, my clothes reflect a personal quirky side with bright colors and flattering fit. My own credo is “CLTL”…Cut large, Trim later…as nothing would make me more upset than having a garment too tight after all the work. If more sewers would measure the paper pattern AND their own bodies they would find less UFO’s in the trash/aging closet. Love your posts!


  5. jay says:

    Cut large, trim later – I must remember that one!


  6. Zoe Clark says:

    I like a good Me-Made-May. It is about getting stuff out that you weren’t prepared to wear, but I guess it’s also about starting conversations. It might be a bit much to keep the momentum up for 12 months of the year, but for a month it’s sustainable and for people who are a bit nervous about wearing their stuff, could be the push they need to get out there. Although I agree, as someone who sews a large portion of clothing it isn’t a real challenge. But we aren’t the target group!

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  7. fabrickated says:

    I think it is a good idea, but I can’t be doing with the photographs. I would like to watch that video but it doesn’s seem to work in the UK.


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