Hobnobs v Batting

On the left is a form padded out to my size12 block which includes functional ease, on the right is a form padded out to my own block plus functional ease. (The one on the right can fit in size 12 or sometimes 10 Vogues. Just saying.)

12 and Tub

12 and Tub


The wavering blue line below the waist on fatty reflects my mental wavering – stuff more batting into the abdominal cavity and more MCVities into me, or call on Dr Dukan. Hmm. Close.

Besides this soul wrenching job and a couple of others too tedious to mention, the sewing room saw the birth of a project for an overshirt this week. Pattern is drafted and pieces are cut. Marking darts the quick way below.



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10 Responses to Hobnobs v Batting

  1. mrsmole says:

    My British husband has just located small canisters of McVities dark chocolate cookies here in the US…he is in heaven and the cookies/biscuits are lovingly stored in the fridge for maximum crunch and enjoyment…add a little fluff to the right mannequin…she won’t mind!


  2. This is exactly how I match darts… Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t thread tack or use carbon paper!


  3. Go for the Hobnobs.


  4. I’m a sucker for Tim Tams. My “Dolly” is adjustable.


  5. fabrickated says:

    I do that pin trick too, but chocolate biscuits are too tempting. I only get them when they are offered on a plate at meetings sometimes (too risky to have in the house). I always manage to scoff all the McVities – starting with the milk, then settling with the plain. And then I will tackle Garibaldi, fig rolls or plain digestives and shortbread. I have eaten at least 12 on more than one occasion.


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