A Suitable Fabric

Slow progress this week on remaking a jacket. I am trying a decorative facing, which involves a lot of  drawing, cutting, fusing, tacking, snipping, pressing and pausing to wonder if it will look anything like I intended or end up getting ripped off.


The fabric is a red tweedy bouclé, looking woven but actually a knit structure. I never liked the original jacket. The first style wasn’t right for the softness of the fabric.   Getting  fabric and design to gel in home dressmaking can be pretty difficult, do you agree? If you start with the big idea finding the suitable colour, weight, structure and surface pattern to make it in can be a long haul.

I picked up a February Burda Style while the car was in repair. This fabric/design mismatch hit me in the eye.


Chunky masculine style lines married to the sort of  twee floral print you’d pick for a pram cover. I guess they used their stash.

It’s definitely the Bad Fabric Issue. There’s a colour blocking bonanza to brighten your frosty February..

jacYou think the jacket’s awkward ? Get a load of these trousers.


Pale pink Vee centred over glutes. But the bag matches, so no worries.

Not enough design faux pas for one day? Check out the pocket placement.


Too subtle? Emphasise the V yoke line  with  fringing before rudely slapping a rectangle of fabric over it.


Big and Boxy or Big and Baggy takes up most of the issue. OK  on the tall slender models  but, no bust darts! I predict a rush of  ‘how do I do FBA on this?’ forum questions. Does this  herald an 80’s re-run , curtains of fabric hanging from triple strength shoulder pads? If so, I still have this Issey Miyake pattern lurking.


I’d probably look like a slightly chubby dwarf doing a twirl in Radagast’s robes, but there are always those days when  the burqa doesn’t seem such a bad idea after all. Good for tossing over pj’s if you need to walk the dog at unsocial hours for instance.

Last up in my styling by Burda show there’s this adventurous combination  .. please comment. I couldn’t.


All was not lost though. Hidden amongst the belted milkmaid smocks, the plain weird and the architectural overgarments there was this top .

polo I like it and the fabric they chose for it.




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10 Responses to A Suitable Fabric

  1. Pattern review made me smile: some seriously weird stuff 🙂 Good luck with your jacket!


  2. mrsmole says:

    That striped skirt looks like they stole the drapes from a cheap motel in the desert. And is it supposed to go with the striped crop top too? And the hat? The rest as you say…boxy, boring and ATF is going on with those two-toned pants with the bell-bottomed insert…Sonny and Cher would have loved them but who wants that look? The first floral jacket could double as a quilted dog bed!


  3. You picked the right one! Beautiful colour and a simple classic style!


  4. seweverythingblog says:

    I’ve let my subscription expire – and now I know why. Even if the pattern is fantastic, the presentation is everything.


  5. jay says:

    It’s so variable, sometimes an issue will have a few patterns worth a look, sometimes there is nothing.


  6. fabrickated says:

    Ha ha ha. I cannot believe the pink-bum trousers. You cannot be serious. And the dog bed jacket! Hilarious. But I actually liked the horizontal/vertical top and skirt. Maybe in nicer, toning fabrics, but the idea appeals to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I Loooooved your review of the last BurdaStyle. I usually draft my own patterns but since my day job has gotten so busy actually making patterns I feel so lazy to do stuff for myself at home! so after over 15 years I subscribed to it (Burda) again! The first issue I got was this one coincidently. So i must say that I’m sort of disappointed by it. The styles look dated and don;t make sense, as you perfectly pointed out the pants! WTF!!! as if we all want to show more of out behinds right? and those V-neck-like seams on the jackets: unnecessary. But for me, the cover says it all. Those faux fur styles…sad!
    In another note: I got the european version of Burda for february-15 and it’s so cheerful and the styles super fun and current. What’s up with that?


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