A day in the office

I finished a couple of suits this week. Not such a huge achievement as it sounds, they were 90% made ages ago, and set aside because the recipient had a life-change. Back now in corporate, she can use all the formal wear she can get.

The first is a trouser suit in a camel coloured twill with black accents. The trousers have a couple of semi concealed pockets below the wide shaped waistband. The jacket is princess panelled front and back, but with additional vertical darts. I like this jacket styling, it gives a nice shaping. The trimming is made from some twill silk. It has a two piece sleeve. I only had to do buttons and buttonholes on the trousers, fix the jacket lining and make and set the silk trim.



The second is in a purple plain weave suiting, simple straight skirt and  boxier jacket with squarer princess seams and a peplum band below the waist. The fastenings are made with black leather. This one just needed a new waistline on the skirt, and the jacket fastenings made and set. purjacbkpurjacskpur

skpur  All flat photos, as they are not my size.





I started this blog to focus on patterns and sewing . Recipes for cup cake, personal anecdotes or political musings aren’t for here.  But this week is different.

The country I have lived in for twenty years lost some of its most precious children on Wednesday . With joie de vivre and fresh eyes they pin pricked pompousness and hypocrisy wherever they saw it. It cost them their lives. We are all grieving.

tous charlie



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9 Responses to A day in the office

  1. The event in Paris is appalling. May the perpetrators be caught and punished soon.


  2. auntmayme says:

    Such a shame to think people can’t express themselves anymore without the cost of their lives. It’s such a delicate balance living on this big blue ball and now we have to add another warning.


  3. fiddleydee says:

    Nice suits, very professional looking. And yes, what happened is awful. We are all Charlie.


  4. Lovely. I love, love, love the purple set. And feel the opposite for any sort of extremism or violence (religious or otherwise). XP
    Many hugs and kisses to you.


  5. Such beautiful work on those suits. Horrible events this week: Wishing for greater tolerance and less extremism everywhere. ✏️


  6. Those pieces could be mixed and matched easily, couldn’t they, with those lovely colours! …And won’t the horrors that happen in this world ever end?


  7. sew2pro says:

    They’re beautiful suits indeed; so chic!

    Very saddened about the events in Paris last week and very moved by the reaction of the city.


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