Fab fabric

So Happy New Year stitchers!

I was in London again over Christmas, almost avoiding fabric temptation. Not counting a couple of sales purchases in Joel and Son and The Silk Society still to be delivered that is. In the interim I sent for some samples from Stone Fabrics. Maybe you’d like to join me in drooling over them?  None of these shops are handing me a freebie btw, I’m just working on some design ideas for someone looking to vamp up their wardrobe a bit.

TaDa! samples


If you’re wondering about scale the bottom left sample is about three inches across.

Top left a crepe back silk printed silk satin. Its just heavy enough for a light summer dress, or could make a blouse. It has quite a soft, drapey handle, and a subtle sheen to the satin.

Top middle is a wool mix, which is a loose weave with the weft in a chunky soft camel coloured wool yarn and the warp a finer black yarn. (Colour’s really off on my monitor, it is camel not beige or cream) Its slightly stiff despite the loose weave, I think it would work best with boxy styles, possibly with leather trimming, and not too many seams. It could snag, a pretty fabric, but possibly not a hard wearing one.

Top right,  jade wool crepe is one of those perfect fail-safe fabrics, just needing a decent lining to make a winter dress or lighter suit. I’m itching to make something from it. Surely it will be very obedient if there’s any easing in or shaping over a ham to do, and hold a decent press.

Middle left a lighter blouse weight silk satin in a smudgy print, another fail safe if you get the needle and thread right.

Bang in the middle is a purple silk which caught my eye. Its finely pleated after scraps of self coloured fabric are stitched to it, a pure silk, dyed unevenly in a painterly fashion.  Its probably hugely impractical, but beautiful. What would you make with this?

Middle right the  poly crepe is a gorgeous soft purple colour and reasonably drapey. A bit pricier than some poly crepes but happily not harsh like the cheaper ones. It would be a solid practical choice for dress or suit. Again, the colour has more punch than its showing on my screen.

At the bottom a couple of interesting silks, summer dress or suit material. The blue has some squares in an open mesh weave. The mauve one has slub threads marking out squares.

Down to earth I’m working on a remake. There’s a heap of pieces, once a suit jacket which hardly got worn.  The style didn’t work on me as I imagined it – but I love the soft bouclé tweedy fabric, and can’t let it go.

IMG_1896 I’ve some left over fabric from the original make as well.

Have you picked up any great fabrics over Christmas?



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8 Responses to Fab fabric

  1. Anne W says:

    Nice choices! that silk in the top left is £14.50 at clothspot, http://clothspot.co.uk/product/gold-silver-teal-printed-silk-satin-fabric/ I almost bought it at Croft Mill before seeing it cheaper on Clothspost’s site!


  2. jay says:

    Thanks for the tip Anne, pays to look around!

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  3. A City Girl says:

    I can not go fabric shopping one more time. I have boxes of it and I cannot resist beautiful fabrics, can’t resist it at all and I KNOW if I were in London I would come back with all kinds of goodies, although London is so expensive I can only imagine how much that fabric cost a yard. Looks like I saw 20 something pounds on one of the swatches which is almost $31 US dollars. A YARD?? My limit is $12 a yard and I cry over that. LOL


  4. fabrickated says:

    I absolutely love the pink and blue boucle Jay, and am looking forward to seeing what you make with it. I live five minutes walk from Joels but have never bought anything there as their prices are so high. I get wonderful, inexpensive fabrics from Simply Fabrics in Brixton. At the moment I am working on trousers and have a range of great woolens from there at around £6 a metre.


    • jay says:

      Simply Fabrics will be on my list next time I’m over then Fabrickated. This will be the first time I’ve bought from Joels (sale!), its great for looking round.


  5. elombuasu says:

    That slubby purple silk is fabulous. I’d go with something like V8982, a Marcy Tilton jacket.


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