Betting My Upcycled Shirt

PR’s Sewing Bee Contest Round 2 requires making something from up to 5 men’s shirts this week. I was only able to get one desperately dull white poly cotton number which was more of a handicap than an opportunity. Guess what! Piles of cast offs in Goodwill don’t happen here. Still, many good entries for round 1 got eliminated with some bruised feelings.  I feel obliged to show the flag  –  if a white one ha ha!

To get away from the shirt’s native blandness my sewing machine churned out this wacky little number.

Upcycled white shirt

Upcycled Shirt as …Shirt


What I did.

  • Used my standard 12 block to make a rough pattern.
  • Put the front on the front shirt upside down with the opening at an angle
  • Cut the bottom hem in angled scallops to echo the skirt I made in round 1.
  •  Cut an asymmetric neckline and used the original (huge) white collar on it
  • Made undercollar and details made from scraps of black silk
  •  Re-cut the sleeves as set in with a small gather at the head
  • Made tucks above the sleeve opening to give a pushed up look
  • Closed the opening with a tie in the black silk.
  • Shortened the pocket, made a flap in black silk and repositioned it


Result – not my greatest, but several ideas I didn’t have the fabric for got added to my potential patterns sketchbook whilst making it.





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3 Responses to Betting My Upcycled Shirt

  1. Oh my that looks like quite the challenge! (Love the angel photo!)


  2. mrsmole says:

    So much work and thinking…my head hurts! Love the sleeve pin tucks and scallops! My that angel gets around…


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