Vogue 1408

I made a few things for others whilst away. One was Vogue1408. I have no photo of this, but in case you’re thinking of working it here’s how it went for me. Sizing – I made a 12 which is, by the measurement chart, one and a half bust sizes down from me and the daughter who was the lucky recipient. It fitted without alteration, both of us, though if I’d been feeling picky I’d have added a small FBA for a better fit.

There’s a lot of pieces and seams, but its not difficult to assemble – just be sure you keep accurate on the seam allowances . I used a heavy medium stretch jersey in a single black (no happy colour combo found). The skirt as drafted is very short – measure it before you start. I lengthened by about five inches .

I put a zip in, but could get into the dress with it closed. I didn’t line it, but there are lining pieces if you want to (hooray!). The skirt is full, the shape hourglassy.  A reasonably quick and easy pattern if stitching concave to convex curves doesn’t cause you a headache. A vague plan to make myself one with sleeves is hatching. 

Another gifty make does have a photo. This is from a self drafted pattern, in floral cotton.




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8 Responses to Vogue 1408

  1. Pretty! Thanks for the tip about the skirt on 1408.


    • jay says:

      Thanks Catherine, I’m kicking myself for not getting at least a hanger shot of the Vogue, but then, basically it did look like the one on the envelope.


  2. mary says:

    1408 is a lovely pattern, thanks for the info on length. The floral dress is so pretty!


  3. jay says:

    Thanks Mary, 1408 is a stunner, but hard to find just the right fabrics. The length of the skirt as drafted I might have worn, back in the sixties (ie for the young and brave). Unlengthened it could need weighting at the hem..


  4. mrsmole says:

    It’s a shame that Vogue did not make it in a color that could be seen or in color blocking…now wouldn’t that be something? Your floral dress is darling, is that an asymmetrical dropped waist?


    • jay says:

      Its a drop waist, MrsMole, there’s a lot of seam detail in it. Originally I made it in a solid, dd likes the fit a lot, so I used the pattern for the floral. I’m hoping someone else will break the ground on adventurous colour blocking on the Vogue – maybe random asymmetric bright colours?


  5. prttynpnk says:

    Imconsidering that Vogue too- glad to know about the skirt- thats alot of work for a tunic!


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