More of the Stashy Things

In the spirit of full disclosure, more of the Pattern Stash Comp insanity coming up.

Small bits of fabric stuff this time

Ist row

babe dress in red cotton trimmed with green silk from ancient pattern (well 60s ish)

babe hat in printed jersey long time readers may recognise, made from pattern from the French mag ‘Fait Main’

Even older pattern causing nostalgia attack of momentous proportions (doll’s clothes)

2nd Row

Another trip down memory lane – 50s dolly pattern

Beanie hat from My Image magazine pattern

Knickers from Burda magazine pattern

3rd Row

Beret in faux suede from Butterick 6308

Babe dress in blue crinkly satin from a Burda Magazine

Dolly dress in cotton from aforementioned nostalgia trip

4th Row

Babe dress in yellow cotton with flower pocket and mauve trim from Patrones magazine pattern.

Dolly jacket from 50s memorabilia

Babe jacket from Patrones Magazine

5th Row

Knickers again! This time a short shorts pattern from Idées Couture Magazine, made in scrap of jersey left over from a dress.

Dinky little baby mittens from Burda magazine

Hat from Vogue 8405

What can I say? I  kept seeing those scraps we all save so religiously as pattern fodder. Luckily, no pattern for scrunchies has yet found its way into my repertoire. The scraps from the scrap makes would not have been safe.



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One Response to More of the Stashy Things

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh my! Those are all so adorable! I especially love the yellow dress with the flower. Wonderful!


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