What’s worth making?

What do you/would you sew yourself for yourself, or, probably more to the point, what don’t you bother to sew? Here’s my list.


socks, tights, bras, knickers

jeans 50/50 (ok, sometimes I’ll make them, but as you can pick them up for peanuts in sales…. not often)



How about you?



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22 Responses to What’s worth making?

  1. FabricKate says:

    Interesting topic! Yes to sportswear and I have done gloves, and hats. But I wouldn’t bother with underwear, or T shirts, or knitwear, and if I am honest i find shirts and blouses
    more work than they are worth.


    • Pella says:

      Shirts! I forgot those. I do make them sometimes, but like to start the process off with designing something with as few buttonholes as I can get away with.


  2. helen says:

    Jeans are a no no, I would rather pay for a good pair that will fit well and look good.
    I’ve just got into knitting socks and want to do knickers but I wouldn’t bother trying a bra.
    I wouldn’t bother with something as technical as a waterproof.
    T-shirts yes but wouldn’t try anything too stretchy for sportswear.

    Another thing is that sometimes I spend more money buying fabrics and trimmings etc than what the item could cost to buy – but then I’m happy I’ve made it myself. But I suppose that is another topic!


  3. sewexhausted says:

    I make my own knickers! And am looking to make my own bras next year. Craftsy has a new jeans class I want to try- And I even have a few hat patterns! I won’t make my own socks or gloves. But I think I’d like to attempt everything else! ~Laurie


    • Pella says:

      Hats are fun! I can’t find lace for bras at all similar to that used by my favourite brands, and dyeing the bits and pieces to get matches is way too much trouble.


  4. sew2pro says:

    Great topic. My list would closely match yours.

    I wonder why I haven’t yet started making my running gear when jackets cost close to £100. I think it’s for two reasons: The expensive stuff, like from Gore, is well thought out with pockets where you need them and flat seams. It also lasts years. And some of the fabrics/zips used simply aren’t available to buy, eg slim-line open ended zips.

    Also, I think it would take a long time to get good at making bras, gloves, jeans and I’d rather invest that time getting a bit better in areas where I’ve already made a bit of progress. But if I had more hours in the day, I’d give the a go…


  5. Pella says:

    Not only running gear has bits and pieces you can’t buy, or at least can’t source readily, I just got a new waterproof (prompting the post). It has more zips, special fabrics and techniques than you could shake a stick at, but will probably last forever.


  6. Kerri says:

    All underwear is definitely off my list. Other than that, I am game for just about anything. What really determines whether I tackle a project or not is, does it ‘pencil out.’ If I can buy something less expensively than I can make it, assuming equal quality, then I usually buy it. But usually, with the slipshod quality that abounds in retail today, I often prefer to do it myself and get a superior quality and fit. But, there are a lot of factors that go into my decision, such as time, desire, etc.


  7. prttynpnk says:

    I’m a creature of gaudy terms. Sewing staples like tanks, underwear, jeans- just doesnt thrill me. I am quite lazy about that sort of thing.


  8. seweverythingblog says:

    Thanks for asking! I have put myself in a position since 2010 where I cannot buy any clothing (except for bras and panties), due to a new year’s resolution which is now in it’s fourth year. I hope to continue that practice. Although I can make undies and took a bra making class, I’ll still go ahead and buy those.
    The reason for my resolution in January 2010 was the unbelievable fabric stash I had accumulated. I began to feel a tad immoral in hoarding all that fabric; I even gave away some of it. Now, I’m not even tempted to buy — not even t-shirts – even my subscription to shopping mags like Lucky and InStyle is there for everyday inspiration. (Gave up Vogue long ago).


  9. Sportswear with built in bras and socks. Also anything knitted. It’s slow and me wrist is too messed up for that sort of repetitive manual labour XD I’m totally for lingerie though (including bras) and gloves (got a pattern, got some skins) and handbags. Gonna start with shoes too =D Yay break!


  10. Zoe says:

    Great topic! I guess it comes down to why you sew. Some people sew primarily for self expression, and as such their emphasis would be on the dramatic rather than basic elements of their wardrobe. I sew primarily for fitting issues, and that’s reflected in my emphasis on simple, basic stuff, that I make over and over again with slight modifications. The last time I had to purchase trousers, I tried on 21 pairs! So when I get something that fits, I hang onto it and at the end of its useful life, I take it apart to make a pattern. Generally I purchase underwear (although I would like to make my own bras I’ve yet to get to a stage where I’m confident / able to get supplies), and definitely stockings and socks. Jeans seem more hassle than they’re worth. Having said that, I’ve been wearing the same two pairs for years. But anything else is fair game. I’d love to be able to make shoes too!


  11. starryfishathome says:

    I have the waterproof fabric all ready to make a Minoru jacket, but it’s been ready for over a year. I think it’s time I admitted I don’t want to do it! I make jeans because I can’t get any to fit me. I haven’t dared try a bra, especially when I read that 1/8″ makes all the difference.


  12. Mary says:

    I don’t make technical gear-outdoor wear for hiking, or riding. I would rather get what I want right away, and know it will last through seasons of activity. I love to sew knits and make lots of tees, tunics, pants for a comfy wardrobe. I don’t sew undies or jeans-life is too short.


  13. mrsmole says:

    Outdoor gear, exercise wear, underwear, gloves, hats, socks, jeans….I have no time or desire to create these when clients are so demanding and wedding dates pressing but even if i had the time, I don’t do outdoor woodsy things like hiking or shooting, I don’t visit gyms and the rest can be bought pretty reasonably locally. It seems like everyone these days are making purses…I want to scream if I see another “new” pattern for a shopping bag tote…hey…it’s a rectangle with straps…get over it and quit waiting for your friends to rave about it! ha ha


  14. Pella says:

    I have made bags, shopping and otherwise. I held off for a long time, but then it got to me.


  15. aunt mayme says:

    Socks and gloves mostly; haven’t made either and don’t want to start! I’ve made my own knickers, and a bra (looking to make a few more as they are ghastly expensive and I can make them for less). Jeans, well, the only way I COULD get a great pair of jeans was to make them. I’m too tall for RTW hip size and too full in the waist. “Fussed and Fumed” while in the process, but my jeans pattern is now one of my faves.

    I think for me, anything I have to make over and over is much like something I don’t want to bother with. For example, the knickers. I really love I can make a pair for 1/10 of the price that stores offer, and in my choice of colors. But after a while, they become ho-hum. You can look at only so much lace and pretty colors for a while.. 😉


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