Burda 12/2009/136

Rescued from semi abandonment,  today’s MMM’13.

Sans titre-2

I originally made this for someone else, a size or two up from me. It turned out to be a disastrous choice of pattern. Not too much information about fit can be gleaned from the Burda magazine photo of the blond, soon to be fiancée. The line drawing should have given me a clue though. Lets face it, I just got carried away by the romance.

The crumb catcher cowl stuck out like a ship’s figurehead, as I should have guessed it would,  and the rest hung like the shapeless sack it basically is. The overlong sleeves slumped down, because there’s a lot of dolman weight above . Basic lesson, curvy ladies don’t need shapeless.

Its been sitting in the UFO/remake basket for four years with a label ‘turn into coat dress?’ pinned to it. The jersey is a lovely aubergine though . (I put black with it because I didn’t have quite enough).

In the spirit of me made madness, I tried this on, still hoping for coat-dress inspiration. Then with a belt pulling it in, the sleeve ends shortened to a cuff, and the cowl tamed a little bit with some hand stitching, I thought it doesn’t make a bad tunic dress for over leggins. Or do I kid myself? DSC_1068

What do you think – does it work or not? Do you see a coat dress in it?

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14 Responses to Burda 12/2009/136

  1. mrsmole says:

    What would it look like worn backwards? I like the skirt part very much!


  2. FabricKate says:

    I like it too – especially the colour. You have the kind of figure that looks good in a bin bag, but the cowl is a bit foul. Love your writing – made me laugh.


    • Pella says:

      Foul cowl – ha ha! That does rather sum it up, maybe it was not the right fabric for the shape, but, wait, the one in the photo does hang rather than drape too, now I check it closely..


  3. Mary says:

    Yes, it works…I like it on your slender figure.


  4. It looks classy on you but I think your figure should be flaunted not hidden in a sack. Chop it and refashion.


  5. Looks good because you have the panache to carry it off. It’s going to look better as something else… jacket?


  6. Sorry I have to say no. It is absolutely swamping you even with the belt so please do cut it up, assuming the fabric is worth re-using, as the colour is great.


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