Vogue 1283

Readers with long memories  might recall I resolved to sew up some lurking dress patterns in  stash fabrics. I’m finally getting round to it!  I finished the Tom and Linda Platt V1283 yesterday, using a slate blue/grey jersey.


The line drawing shows how the front gathers give some bust room, but doesn’t let on that the lining is cut without any dart, gather, tuck or fold. FBA crowd beware. Post Dukan diet, and grabbing some of the seam allowance, it worked well enough, but generally, flat fronts don’t rock my socks. The pattern calls for two way stretch by the way, and my fabric was weft stretch only, but quite fine and stretchy just the same.1283 drawing

I wasn’t bowled over when this dress came off the machine, but rock hopping at Rospico today, I warmed to it a bit. Its easy and comfortable, my sunglasses  pretended the sun was giving us more than 12 degrees of heat. The cukoos were hooting and the wild orchids flowering,  it felt like spring at last, and with leggins, its long sleeves and self fabric lining gave it  just the right amount of warm cover to keep the chill wind at bay.

Dress 6

It has a kimono cut sleeve, which you can see better in this shot, below. Some have found these a bit narrow, but its ok for me.  I can move my arm above my head without rips or strains,  its close fit enough to wear with a cardigan . The underarm seam allowance is stitched a second time and trimmed back closely. There’s no lining in the sleeve – the lining is cut as a sleeveless dress, with the armholes hemmed. There’s no neck facing either, you face back with the lining, and understitch. That makes for fast assembly.

Pattern instructions are generally OK, but I needed to rip out the gathered seam and re-jig the gathers. Maybe I misread the matching of balance marks. The first try had an ungathered section between the front bodice gathers and the front skirt gathers, and more close bunching of the gathers on the back too. This didn’t look like the photo on the pattern envelope, missed the whole design point and gave it a lopsided look on the left hip. I ditched the balance marks and just spread the gathering as best as I could by eye. Then I  top stitched the seam close to the edge. Pressing alone didn’t keep the turnings in check.

I stuck bits of masking tape with RF, LB and so on, on the wrong side of the fabric as I pulled the pattern pieces off. The fabric looks nearly, but not quite, the same on the right and wrong side,  the front and back pieces are not dissimilar, and of course its asymmetric. These labels were a life saver as I wasn’t firing on all cylinders when I put this dress together.

Wild flowers on the cliffs

DSC_1030and the pines too

DSC_1032Yeah, Spring, finally!

I finished Vogue 8417 too, but the photo has to wait until the weather warms a couple more degrees.


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11 Responses to Vogue 1283

  1. Oh rock hopping in the spring with birds, sun et al – wonderful. Lovely dress too and perfect for orchids etc 🙂


    • Pella says:

      Its super to finally see the sun and the flowers! There’s just one spot where the wild orchids grow, and you have to be prompt to see them, the flowers only last for a short while.


      • We have lovely little little wild orchids in NZ in the mountains and they generally only grow in the wild. I haven’t seen them for years but remember their gorgeous delicate flowers and amazingly sweet scent. There’s something amazing about orchids I think.


  2. Karen says:

    Oh, I like it! The kimono sleeves are very flattering – good to know they are comfy, too!


  3. This is beautiful! Why have I never seen this before? Lady you keep making awesome things with envelope patterns and give people (me) the impression that they can do it do (this is probably not a good thing). I should just modify a simple knit dress style that fits into this one… This looks like it’ll love slinky jersey though-and that’s not so good for lardy bits XP Augh.


  4. Gjeometry says:

    Oooh, I really like this! Very flattering on you and has quite a distinct style. Different from your everyday, ‘look I have a knit dress’ dress. Happy Spring!


  5. Pella says:

    This is an easy pattern to make, provided you don’t have to do any fitting. The lardy bits question – before the lining went in it was dreadful. The self lining rescues it – basically a double layer of your outer cloth round the body, but without the gathers. I forgot to mention in the post, there’s a completely pointless zip on the back seam from the neck, which I missed out, making it an even quicker pattern.


  6. prttynpnk says:

    The envelope is boring- yours is definitely not!


  7. sewexhausted says:

    This dress looks great- Comfortable and stylish while out enjoying nature! I love your masking tape idea- lately I have been sewing with quite a few knits that have that issue- I have spent quite a bit of time walking in to the other room to check in better light or outside into the sunlight to figure out right and wrong side! ~Laurie


  8. sew2pro says:

    The fabric looks lovely and soft, and those sleeves are great on you. Not an ordinary jersey dress by any means.


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