Dresses and 2013, stashed patterns calling

How often do you buy patterns and not get them constructed? Below are a few, about a third, of the best of the commercial envelope dress patterns in my stash. All acquired with intention.

First up,  Vogue 2031 Geoffrey Beene. I’ve had this forever, and made it up once, modified into a sort of casual jacket, by putting sleeves in, and a contrasting facing turned to the front and front band and huge buttons. Its a great pattern, why haven’t I remade it as a dress yet? I’ve no idea. I like pretty much everything about this, the cap sleeves, the fitted bodice, and the pockets, with the soft pleats in the front, starting at the waist, finishing at the hipline.

Next, I’m not trying for a particular order here, is a pattern I bought on on ebay a couple of years ago, V8417 because  the nice diagonal panels and swishiness of the skirt caught my eye.  I’m not sure about the neckline, but I think the short version would make a great summer dress in a lightweight silk. Its quite fabric hungry, and still lurking.V8417

Vogue 1014. Sometimes I like this a lot. I like the angled panel, and the idea of the contrasting textures of fabrics, the knotted tie effect. Downside, the length of the hem on the draped piece. Could it be rejigged to end up higher without spoiling the proportions of the drapes?


Also hanging in there Vogue 1191 by Michael Kors. I bought this one, from Vogue, paying their astronomical postage fees. It looks good on everyone that’s made it up and posted the result, and its still hanging about un sewn chez moi. I kept waiting for the ideal fabric.

1191The Vogue plunge might need adjusting, or filling in somehow.

A complete contrast. Two dress patterns by Anne Adams, sent to me by my good sewing friend Emily, dating,  guessing by the styles, from the forties. I have made the top section of the one with the bow as a blouse. It has great sleeves too. What I need for these is a nice rayon with a small pattern – any suggestions out there? Rayon crepe would be a bonus. The one on the left might be good in two fabrics, a lightweight for the top and a firmer fabric for the skirt.


Still vintage, a fifties dress with kimono cut sleeves and full skirt – ebay purchase, Vogue 4547

vintageThis is in the would I actually wear it camp.

Michael Kors Vogue 1117. I made this up for someone else, I bought it for me, so its still to do. I’ve seen this made up in floral prints, and looking pretty good.

korsLast of this batch, Vogue 8408 . This too, I’ve had a long time, it looks great on everyone who has posted about it, lends itself to just about any fabric, and is very easy. 


So, what’s the explanation for all this pattern procrastination?


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12 Responses to Dresses and 2013, stashed patterns calling

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I think I buy patterns for my very stylish multiple personalities- they have much more exotic activities than I do, so out of jealousy, I rarely sew them anything.


  2. Wendy Baschkopf says:

    Schizoid procrastinating? I prefer to look on the bright side. My unused patterns, and I’ve got lots, are essential to my creative process. I look at them, think, dream and learn. I’m sure they are feeding me on a deep level. Some aspect of proportion, design detail, construction and fabrication is informing me. It’s just a matter of time before it surfaces and probably in another project. The perennial optimist! I do periodically rake through my collection and find good homes for ones that have served their purpose. On occassion, even I realize there might be 1 or 2 that serve no purpose. Yet! I’m a stubborn optimist.


  3. sew2pro says:

    Well, it’s amazing what you find in other people’s stash.
    The V2301 is wonderful ! I love how it makes a virtue out of hips.

    And this is slightly uncanny but back in the early 90s, long before I thought I’d sew, I saw an almost exact RTW version of the vintage dress pattern (though the interesting neckline was wider) being worn a couple of times by women literally on the high street. It never occured to me to stop and ask where they got it from: London wasn’t so chatty back then! But I thought it was my dream dress. I remember it was navy with tiny white flowers (and buttons?) and looked like it was viscose. I could probably design it now.

    So I think you know what gets my vote!


  4. Yes, my imagine wardrobe and my actual wardrobe are two very different worlds. Same goes for the patterns I think I will make and the ones I actually do. But, I love dreaming. Wendy said it best. There must be a benefit to dreaming about the possibilities those packets contain.


  5. I don’t know the explanation but I wish there was a cure! I may have to go on a pattern fast in 2013. I do really enjoy looking through my collection though so it’d not all bad.


  6. I’m going with the explanation that the patterns are an aid to inspiration and day dreaming! Who needs a cure for that! What a wonderfully eclectic collection it is too …. I’d love to see the Beene one made up too.


  7. mrsmole says:

    I made V1014 for a client using slippery crepe back satin from JoAnn’s…what a nightmare! Have you checked out that weird curved zipper that makes a snake-like path up the back and sides and ends up at a weird angle in the side neck…insane! I made a muslin first to make it fit tighter but there are no side seams to adjust with…never again!


  8. Pella says:

    Thanks for the warning mrsmole!


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