Burda Bye Bye

I’m not chez moi. My hostess made a pitiful plea for me to bring any coat-potential fabrics lurking in stash, so I lugged two navy wools and one black one on and off three trains. Then terminally bored by the time I got to Lille International, I bought Burda’s November issue in the newsagent.

I  like the dress that everyone thinks makes the model look as though she’s expecting happiness, but not much else. Should my eye fall upon upon a nice jersey, it will be my reward for the shoulder wrenching, but meanwhile, here in London,  I found a more inspiring tweedy boucle in blue/black mix going for a song, and discovered that I’d neglected to pack the blocks I needed to cut the coat.

Hello Burda. Coat progress so far has been tracing a coat from the issue, fba-ing it, changing the neckline, changing the sleeve from a two piece straight sleeve to a one piece flared sleeve, cutting a collar, changing the shape of the coat to a 50s duster type, drafting some pockets. It now looks nothing like the original, but is going well.

I bought some one and three quarter inch buttons in John Lewis in Oxford Street. The choice in humungous buttons was somewhat limited, but pinned into place I like them.

Pictures and blow by blow account of pattern alteration when I return in a couple of weeks.




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