Sewjo returns

Yes, the sewing mojo limped back. Here’s the toile.

I needed to make three collar versions, first one as drafted, second one with the outer edge tightened up to increase the roll, and the final one I changed the shape at the ends and changed the neckline shape slightly. I like this one, it works folded back and also worn raised  at the back like this.

The rest of the fitting changes were fairly minor, the back was a bit baggy at waist level, I’ve made a shaped back seam, and pulled in a fraction on the panel seams. I decided to have a softer look for the bottom section. Instead of inverted pleats, I’ve tried releasing a small amount of fabric from the last four inches of the panel seams giving a fuller peplum type of look. It looks ok in the toile – that’s it on the right of the top picture below the pocket flap.



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One Response to Sewjo returns

  1. Good for you! I’ve been trying to wrastle my sewing mojo back into shape.


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