Jacket pattern

I didn’t know what to call this post – ‘jacket fumble’ describes the process, but sounded like it might could draw google hits from the soon to be disappointed.  I’ve even started making a toile.

The inside outside mix wasn’t a design feature by the way ….. though with a pan scourer dress  could it be dernier cri ? No, really it was just wandering attention.

I rarely toile, but its just as well I did this time as I  already have second and third thoughts about the seam placement. Its not helping that my practice fabric is an old sheet with an old laundry smell, redolent of something or the other, I’d rather not say, but definitely not smart new jacket.

Here’s a snapshot of the initial jacket pattern scribbles, wobbles and mucky drafting lines included.

The vague plan is to have a number of panels, possibly ending in inverted pleats near the hem, and a deep shawl collar. The latter because I’m definitely not in notched collar mood. If I can’t even guarantee my seam allowances will all face inwards, how would I get the rever angle matched right and left? No, take the easy route, dear.

Its planned to be in lightweight white wool, and look the bees knees with the Stingray Skirt.


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2 Responses to Jacket pattern

  1. I’m late to this party but this looks very interesting. I love the note about the funny smelling old sheets as I know just what you mean. My box of fabric for toiles is mostly sheets….. Hah!


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