Stingray launch

Or perhaps a damp squib, we’ll see. Inspiration has been becalmed of late, I’m hoping to hitch a ride back to sunnier sewing on the Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics pattern I wrote about here.

On the half scale dress form, this pattern seemed like a winner for an LBD, coffee morning, gallery visiting, whatever – if I but had some of those lined up. Then it struck me that it could be a skirt, at least as a test garment, to see if the side drapes looked terrific or terrible.

So, this morning I cut the pattern. Fuzzy photo, my new speciality, coming up.You’ll notice that its longer than in the book. The book version, is either a long tunic or a fearless dress. The skirt bit measures 40 cms or about 16 inches, the kind of pelmet length I thought was ok, even normal,  long, long ago, before I woke up to the fact that you can make a major embarassment of yourself following a trend.

I rooted round stash for some fabric, and found a white on black print – here’s another fuzzy fog. Sorry, but you can see the general idea. (must reread the camera manual sometime soon).

I bought this jersey on the last London trip. I’ve no idea what the fibre content is, as I only paid slightly over toile fabric price for it. So not from the kind of shop that has labels. Its  fluid and falls heavily, and to be honest maybe a bit stretchily for this job, but is quite light weight as jersey goes.

Next, having painstakingly added seam allowance to the CF and CB after I forgot to do it in the original draft, it struck me that a fold down the CF and CB would work better with the wiggly fabric pattern, though it would change the grain used in the original Pattern Magic draft. This runs at right angles to the waistline. That just leaves the thorny question of room to get into it – or where to put a zip opening. I don’t want gathers on elastic. Dirndl style bunching at the waist doesn’t do me any favours, so that option is out.

There’s a side seam, and this could be a possibility. It falls right in the middle of the side cowl drape. Is a zip there going to allow the cowl to fall properly, or will it announce its presence by stiffening the seam and having the fabric either side of it contort and twist about? Advice based on experience, or blind guesses welcome.

A final pre-cutting out change is underway. Once I’d seen the fabric length draped over the ironing board, I decided to go for a floor length version if I can squeeze it out.




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One Response to Stingray launch

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh this is getting good! I’ve adjusted my loungechair and settled in for this.


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