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Jacket pattern

I didn’t know what to call this post – ‘jacket fumble’ describes the process, but sounded like it might could draw google hits from the soon to be disappointed.  I’ve even started making a toile. The inside outside mix wasn’t … Continue reading

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Beached Stingray

I was taking photos using a remote and producing this kind of headless wonder when I got invited to play in the big sandpit. See, stingray skirt, beached. I crossed the ties and tied them front and back. I like both … Continue reading

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Almost swimmingly

Progress report on my skirt based on ‘Stingray’ from Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics. I did some pattern measuring before cutting, and whoops-a- daisy, it had barely enough hip room and was measuring only 32 inches in the round at the … Continue reading

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Stingray launch

Or perhaps a damp squib, we’ll see. Inspiration has been becalmed of late, I’m hoping to hitch a ride back to sunnier sewing on the Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics pattern I wrote about here. On the half scale dress form, … Continue reading

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