No sew

Sorry, not a useful post about how you can use fabric glue to stick up thirty metre hems on satin gowns instead of laboriously hand hemming, or use common or garden Pritt stick as tacky tacking, or another reminder to use masking tape instead of stay stitching. Just bleating about why I haven’t been making any Magic, or getting my five pieces done for Olympia, or even finishing my Friday Fribbles.

Yes, its a mess again. Not thieves looking for the family silver, not one of our mercifully rare and slight earth tremors, all my fault in fact. I decided to move out one cabinet to store stuff in the hall. No problem, as I was swapping it for some narrower shelves. I made a couple of boxes which fitted the shelves, one for jerseys, one for lightweight dress lengths, and felt good about life in general.

That was going reasonably well, when I got the offer of help to move the large chest upstairs, where its needed, freeing up a sewing room wall as a photo background. Seizing the moment, I flung the boxes of crap which sit on top and emptied the drawers where you see them as the heap on floor.

Well, we weren’t strong enough to haul the chest up through the window. That’s the only option when you have a spiral staircase. Back into the sewing room it had to go. Then I noticed that if I didn’t have boxes of stuff on top of it, I’d have a flat surface, where I could store  rolls of pattern paper and card if I get one delivered from Morplan or somewhere at huge, but one off, expense.

That could save me having to try to hit Myrtille within a couple of days of them getting one of their erratic deliveries of papier de soie and buying up the entire stock each time. In other words, flat surface good, boxes of scraps, half done projects, knitting wool, bad. All I had to do was sort out everything. 

I’m almost done. I can see most of the floor. I have invented a cure for fabric obsession by the way. A few hours of deciding whether such and such scrap is a waste of space or the exact colour which will form the ideal trimming for the big piece you put at the bottom of the serious pieces drawer, under all the other lengths you jammed in. I have thrown stuff. Fabric dust is bringing on allergies.

Part way through, I performed this DIY wonder.

For the first time since leaving gainful employ, I have somewhere to hang card blocks which doesn’t mean chucking the lot on the floor when I want the one from the middle of the pile. Technical details. Two of those brass thingamygigs that come with flat pack shelf units for holding up shelves. One aluminium tube. Saw it to the right length with a hacksaw. Use the handy holes Ikea make so you can reposition your shelves and stick the thingamies in; BEND THE TUBE slightly so you can get it over the second one; bend it back straight when its in position. Voilà.

This bedtime browsing winged its way to our soggy shore from the Book Depository.

Musings on some of the design creativity/oddball styling inside will follow next post.


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3 Responses to No sew

  1. Mary in FL says:

    Sometimes just a little progress is worth a lot when you can see its positive effects.


  2. Oh thank god I saw the picture in my email and though ‘holy s#%t she’s been burgled’. Imagine my relief, on your behalf, to find that you were in the midst of re-organising!! I always think that the best way to sort stuff out is to tip it all onto the floor and start from the beginning. Takes ages but works. Hope the rubbish collection folk had a big truck that day!


    • Pella says:

      Thanks for the concern and the encouragement Calico Stretch. It was therapeutic in the long run, I’d forgotten about most of the useful scraps aka rubbish I’d accumulated.


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