Fribblish Friday – Remnants and rub

Yes, I’ve plundered and plagiarised Petty Grievances, Wearable Wednesdays for title inspiration. I’m dedicating this Friday to sewing fribbledom, to flinging bits together from scraps and to footling around with half brain inspirations.

This morning I pulled out a crumpled fabric left over and made this.

The bits and pieces I cut it from have been stuffed in a drawer since I made this, whenever it was everyone was wearing dresses with midriff defining bands, plunging Vees, and modesty panels added as an afterthought. I think I used Vogue 8470.

I remember I didn’t like it much.  I couldn’t find the right black and it was a bad fabric/ style marriage. Also, it needed lining which made the skirt cumbersome, like I was filling the room with it, swishing yards of it around.

It only took an hour to knock out the blouse, cutting out included. The fabric is a rayon, the print ok in smaller doses. It resists pressing. To keep the facings from flopping out I stitched in the ditch of the seams from the outside. This tip can often save the day. If you hit it right its pretty invisible.

stitch in the ditch

Look, invisible. I made this top too, whilst on a roll.

The left overs were from this Vogue, made up, I guess, five years ago. That did a stint on holiday in Spain. Its a slinky slippery jersey fabric, with unruly stretch. It made a good throw in a suitcase dress, after the huge amounts of ease allowed were cut out.

The remnant stash  reduced  by an infinitessimal amount, I switched to pattern drafting.

I have legs like Ghandi. Some of my family got the other genes, the jean wrecker ones.

To wear a skirt, and walk further than the car door, its cycling shorts for undies or pain. The temperature here is 33 in the shade. Spandex under dresses would put me in the emergency room.  Is there an alternative? Would a skort slip made in fine, soft, light cotton jersey without an inseam work? Be cooler? Look less functional? Here’s the trial pattern, body space, and one seam per leg.

But how should they fit round the legs? Like  bloomers, passion killers, harvest festivals (pick your term) or like this 40s Vogue?

Those questions hanging, I cut a skirt, recycling a long sheath dress.


Not bad for a first Friday fribble.

If you’re wondering if maybe I swallowed a dictionary, and spat fribblish out, it was this one. 

Its a goldmine of abandoned words and peppered with  pictures like this.

Spatterdashes. Indispensible legwear on unGhandi-like pins.


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10 Responses to Fribblish Friday – Remnants and rub

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I can’t believe that I am admitting this,but I have about 10 pairs of little (yeah,right) bikey short things to wear under dresses in various colors…..lest I end up with a horible case of the inner thigh CHUB RUB!!!


  2. I make little shorts out of silk remnants to wear under skirts (for when I’m on the scooter, or wearing tights that snag against the skirt fabric). The pattern is from Ottobre and the shorts are at the bottom of this post.


  3. Did you use a pattern for those two tops or just draft from scratch? They look really pretty and it’s cool that the pattern works for stretch and wovens!


    • Pella says:

      I’ve drafted this in a few sizes. Here’s a post about it. It works for both stretch and woven because when using a woven you use the pattern, or at least the front of the pattern, on the bias. If the fabric is very stretchy, without good recovery, you need to reduce the width a bit. Its a good remnant pattern, fits on a small piece, sews up quickly.


  4. I too really like these tops and have bookmarked you! Thank you. I love the idea of using remnants because I seem to have rather a few…. Bias front? Good idea.

    Spattle is my personal favourite word for now. Spattle. How lovely.


    • Pella says:

      Spattle is a good one isn’t it? My BF from College was a big fan of Scuffle. It has a similar ring to it. I can’t choose, so many words….


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